Greenfield City Run

Monday, 20 April 2009  |  Race Reports

The night before the race, I asked the hubby (who registered for 10k) to set his alarm as there was a very high probability that I would not wake up for this race.  Don’t get me wrong; I think this was a well-planned race that a lot of runners were looking forward to.  However, I was not one of them as I cancelled plans to race, a wise decision made to avoid aggravating this injury which I think is getting better already.

We arrived 10 minutes late at the assembly area in Greenfield City (I told you I wasn’t excited at all), so hubby jumped out of the car to the starting line while I found parking.  I yawned, grabbed some TBR Magazines to distribute, yawned again, then made my way to the assembly area.  It was like a little fiesta complete with food booths and tables, a bazaar, a 360-degree stage, Photovendo photo booth and city backdrop, and inflatable play area for the kids.  Of course, I caught sight of all the collaterals I had designed for the race from banners to kilometer markers; aaah the fruits of my labor all week (which explains why I had little time to blog.)

– Work of art, don’t you think? heehee –

– 2k runners await the start of the race –

While waiting for the hubby to arrive, I stayed on the sidelines with Jun watching the runners finish their own races, which was great material for a thesis or scientific research, I tell you.  It was almost like getting a glimpse into a runner’s soul for a split second.  Each one went through the same route and distance (5k/ 10k/ or 21k), but the experiences were completely different as seen on the expressions on their faces.  One runner (actually, there were more) shook his head in utter disappointment, while another raised his arms up in pure victory.  Other runners looked like they were about to collapse, while some looked like they just strolled in the park.  The one that stood out was the 21k runner in his compression pants, limping his way through the finish; I wanted to hug him and tell him “I feel your pain!”

– Runners make their way to the finish –

– Toto of Happy Feet is happy with his run –

– Kaye of Team David’s Salon and 1st Lady of Finish Line –

– Ate Virg in iamninoy finishes strong –

– 21k is nothing for Bataan Death March Ultra finisher Jonel –

I got to chat with a runner friend who was also injured yet ran the 10k.  Together, we expressed our frustrations and completely related with each other about injuries, cross training, and therapy, until she said one line “I don’t miss running at all!”  I paused, shook my head, and replied “Oh, I miss it badly.” 

In the middle of all that, the hubby apparently finished his 10k in a little over an hour.  I got to take photos of so many runners, except him, due to my endless chattering.  But, thankfully, Ben’s photovendo was able to fulfill my failed duties as a photographer-wife for that day.

– Runners ham it up for the Photovendo cam –

Before leaving for breakfast with the Sole Mates’ Jun and Mariel, I was delighted to see my pace buddies Jay and Dindo once again.  It’s been so long since I haven’t run with them, and once again, I thought about how much I missed those long run days when the four of us—Jun, Jay, Dindo and I—would meet up after a race to add more mileage into our runs.  Hope to run with you again soon, guys!

– with Jay, hubby, Mariel, Jun and Dindo –

– with Patrick and Hannah. Nice meeting you both! –

Congratulations to Finish Line’s Rio and Vince for another successful event!

Greenfield City Run on April 19

Tuesday, 24 March 2009  |  Race Announcements



  1. New route – Running in Greenfield City in Sta. Rosa, Laguna is something new and exciting.  Plus, the air is definitely fresher over there.  (See photos below)
  2. Organized by Coach Rio de la Cruz – Expect to have a well-organized race with all the usual perks of Rio’s races: abundant water, plenty race marshalls, and Photovendo
  3. Full day of activities – Since you’re driving out to Sta. Rosa, organizers made sure it was worth the trip.  Take the family along to enjoy a 2k run for kids, coffee and pastry fair, a weekend market, children’s play area, and outdoor outlet bazaar.  Yes, time to shop for affordable running apparel!
  4. Lots of freebies – A little birdy told me runners will receive a ton of loot
  5. Online registration via Finish Line – Registering for a race has never been this easy.  You can register online, pay via credit card, and choose to pick up your race packet at Nike or have it delivered at your doorstep. 
  6. Great design – Race collaterals were designed by yours truly.  Okay, I know I’m pushing it 🙂

Amazing view at Pramana Residential Park