Booooo! Back to Reality!

Tuesday, 6 November 2012  |  Bullish Insights

What? The long Halloween break is over?  Where did it go?

The day after Run United Philippine Marathon, I was down with the flu.  (That’s what I get for running it despite the sore throat!)  For three days, I lay in bed dying of boredom when I wasn’t sneezing, cursing the high heavens about so much wasted time (I should’ve been out training!), and hoping that I didn’t resemble Gordon Ramsay after watching way too much Masterchef episodes.

As soon as I recovered, I ran 10k, biked 35k, swam 1k, and ran 15k in the next four consecutive days.  All I had been doing the past couple of months was running…and I loved it.  But, I must admit, that I was starting to miss the pool and, of course, my boyfriend, the Shiv.  It was wonderful to ease my way into swimming and biking again (despite the saddle sores for such a short distance teehee!)

With the kids on semestral break, we had more bonding time too.

I took them out biking a couple of times.  TBR Jr. wants to start biking around with me (mwahaha, my subtle hints to lure him into triathlon seems to be working…albeit at turtle pace) and Li’l Miss Bull Runner will hopefully learn to bike without her training wheels soon.



We went trick or treating.  I mean, Li’l Miss Bull Runner went trick or treating in the homemade costume she insisted on making (She’s a blue dog, by the way), while TBR Jr. felt too old for such silly traditions.  Sob sob.


On the last weekend before school, we stayed overnight at the kids’ favorite hotel for a well-deserved staycation. We were bums for two days (if you don’t count my long run that morning)…and we loved it!

– Pillow fights are a must at every hotel stay. Right on top of the list with playing in the tub –

– Gameboards are a must too. Game of Life! –

– Can you guess who won?  –

Now it’s back to reality for all of us! Boooo!  Hope you had a good long break too.

adobo Run After Dark – 29 October 2011

Saturday, 27 August 2011  |  Race Announcements

Running at night + beer + shopping + entertainment all on the long weekend of Halloween. What more could you ask for?! Gotta start training for this guys and ghouls!

Adobo Run 2011 poster rev6-1

adobo Run After Dark 2011 is a fantasy-themed run for an estimated 5,000 runners. This electrifying, one-of-a-kind event kicks off the Halloween-All Saints’-All Souls’ Day long weekend. After last year’s initial adobo Run After Dark, the organizers are ready to mount the 2nd edition with more pizzazz and surprises. There will be an after-run party with live music, free flowing beer, a sideline bazaar, spectacular performers (samba percussionists, poi dancers, fire breathers, carnival queens), fireworks display, dazzling lights show, and fantasy costumes.

What: adobo Run After Dark 2011
When: 29 October 2011
Where: Aseana Business Park, Bay City, Pasay-Paranaque (near MOA)
Race Categories: 15k, 5k, 3k Costume Run
Event Organizer: Crush Communications

Assembly Time: 7:00pm
Gunstart: 15K → 8:10pm | 5K → 8:20pm | 3K → 8:30pm


  • Click HERE to download registration form
  • Registration fee: P750 (all categories)
  • Registration Period: (may end earlier depending on availability)
    • Manual registration – Oct. 3 to 23, 2011 – Runnr Trinoma, Toby’s Megamall, R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street
    • On-line registration – Sep 1 to Oct 23, 2011 (delivery of race kits starts on Oct 3, 2011) –
  • Race Registration Inclusions: Race singlet, Runningmate Timing Chip, Bib Number, Finisher’s Certificate, Loot Bag, Party Stub, Finisher’s Medal (for top 500 15k & 5k runners, respectively)

Adobo Run 2011 Singlet design
– adobo run singlet design –

Adobo Run 2011 loot bag
– adobo run lootbag –

Adobo Run 2011 medal
– adobo run medal –

Adobo Run 2011 3k route
– 3k route –

Adobo Run 2011 5k route
– 5k route –

Adobo Run 2011 15k route
– 15k route –

Contact details: