Race Report: Osaka Marathon 2015

Saturday, 31 October 2015  |  Race Reports

Osaka Marathon was my 14th marathon. Each marathon is a special experience, but they all vary because of all the elements that come into play from training to all the little occurrences in each of the 42 kilometres of the race.

For Osaka Marathon, I was just in a happy place almost the entire time.  I think the biggest difference for this race was that my one and only goal was to enjoy it. I only trained 2 months for the marathon because I had previously felt burnt out from previous races. I thought it would do me more harm than good to train hard. On race day, I didn’t put pressure on myself. My pace was relaxed, my mood was calm, and I stayed positive all throughout.

IMG_7612At the race start with Osaka Castle behind me

Luckily for me, everything was smooth sailing. No blisters, no ITB pain, no line at the portalet during the one time I went. Just no problems! Boy was I lucky! My nutrition and hydration plan was perfect. I took 1 GU gel 10 minutes before the race and subsequently at 10k, 20k, and 30k. I carried 8 packs of single serving Gatorade powder with me and took one serving at roughly every 5k of the race. As for my Salt caps, I took it thrice: the first at 7k, 18k, then sometime close to 30k. Hence, no bonking!

My finish time was 4:45, not a PR but not too bad either for someone who sang out loud to her iPod while running! lol. I was smiling from ear to ear as I ran this race and, in the end, it helped me remember exactly why I’m just madly in love with the 42k.

Thank you, Osaka, for the memorable experience!

Here goes my race review for Osaka Marathon: (more…)

See you at Km 0 for 2014 Run United 2!

Saturday, 31 May 2014  |  Bullish Insights


Are you joining 2014 Run United 2 tomorrow? I’ve signed up for 21k.

Tonight, I’ll be on my knees praying that the weather cooperates tomorrow. I’m hoping all 10,000 plus runners do the same so we have greater chances haha!

Run United 2 Course Map for 21k

Run United 2 Medal for 32k Finishers

Run United 2 21k and 32k Finishers’ Shirts

I’m looking forward to the new race start at Km 0 in Luneta Park. Traffic may be a bit more difficult, but I think it’s great that we experience new race starts with the opportunity to improve our races every year.

While I may not get that great looking medal for 32k finishers, I’m pretty excited about the 21k Finishers’ Shirt. Love the design!

See you at Run United 2 tomorrow, runners!

TBR ULAH Dream Marathon 2014: Your Finishers’ Kit

Monday, 3 February 2014  |  Race Announcements

Two more weeks to TBR ULAH Dream Marathon 2014!  What awaits our Dreamers at the finish line?  Take a peek…


*This item may be claimed only by participants who finish the marathon.  Item may only be claimed during the event.


*This item may be claimed only by participants who finish the marathon.  Item may only be claimed during the event.


*This item may be claimed by all registered participants of the race.  Item may only be claimed during the event.

TBR ULAH DREAM MARATHON MEMORABILIA – FOR PURCHASE (Pre-orders are currently being accepted)

Photo Ops, the official photographer of TBR ULAH Dream Marathon, is offering special TBR ULAH Dream Marathon Memorabilia which showcases one action shot of the runner taken during the event and chosen by Photo Ops.  The photo will be framed and signed by myself.  The first 100 orders will have FREE medals included in the frame.  The memorabilia costs P1,200.

This offer is managed completely by Photo Ops.  All orders and payments shall be coordinated directly with Photo Ops or on its website.

Please click HERE to place an order.  Photo Ops will also be accepting orders and payments at the Send Off Party on Feb. 6, Thursday.

TBR Dream Marathon Medal

Wednesday, 21 April 2010  |  Bullish Insights

Attention TBR Dream Marathoners: your scintillating 42km medal awaits…

– I wish I could run my own race to get a medal like this one! –

The medals are imported by my newfound supplier who is a runner too.  It’s his first time to supply medals for a local race.  Prices are a bit more costly than locally-sourced medals, but the quality is well worth it.  Anyway, for TBR Dream Marathoners we only want the best!

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