Shoe Review: Nike Lunar Glide+ 3

Monday, 8 August 2011  |  Gear + Gadgets

The world knows I’m a huge Nike Lunar Glide fan. I was never a fan of Nike running shoes until the first Lunar Glide came along. I used the Nike Lunar Glide+ for all my five marathons so far. It has literally gone the distance with me.

The recently released Nike Lunar Glide+ 3 is very much like the Nike Lunar Glide+ and nothing like its predecessor, the Nike Lunar Glide+ 2. For that, I am extremely overjoyed; nothing quite sucks as to have your favorite running shoe massacred into what was coined an upgrade.

– From the 1st to the 3rd Nike Lunar Glide –

Back to Lunar Glide+ 3…

– Nike Lunar Glide+ 3 for Women –



I’ve used the Nike Lunar Glide+ 3 for the past couple of weeks at races and training runs.  Here’s what I think:


  • Comfort: Snug fit. Feels like the shoe wraps around your foot comfortably, like I’m wearing socks.
  • Just-right cushioning: Perfect balance of cushioning and stiffness. Not too soft that I feel there’s no support, but not too stiff either that it feels like plywood
  • Light: This is a lot lighter than other bulky stability shoes out there.  Great for those long slow distances.
  • Dynamic Support System: Still has the Dynamic Support System which adapts to the runner’s gait so that with each step the runner gets cushioning and support to guard against overpronation
  • Midfoot strap: The shoe has a strap on the side for additional support. This was a feature only for the Women’s shoe with the 1st Lunar Glide, then it completely disappeared with the Nike Lunar Glide+ 2, but I’m glad Nike revived it for both Men and Women’s shoes since it’s one of my favorite features.
  • No need for break in: Okay, don’t quote me on this. But, I’ll let you in on a little secret. I’ve used brand new pairs of this shoe to run marathons and I had no problems! For any other shoe or model, I would never dare to do this. But, based on experience, this shoe needs no break in.
  • Handsome shoe: Love the colors!


  • Lacks bounce: I’m yearning for that springy, bouncy feeling with each step, but I can’t find it with this shoe
  • Durability is a concern: Since the shoe feels like a sock, I noticed that it expires much earlier than other shoes. After 4 months, cushioning significantly decreases.
  • Too narrow for runners with bunions: Since the shoe is a bit narrow, I wouldn’t recommend this for runners with bunions. I have bunions so they start to hurt after over 5k distances in this shoe. I never experienced this with the 1st Lunar Glide, hence I’m not sure if this will be the marathon shoe for me this year. So sad.


I would highly recommend this shoe for runners with mild to moderate overpronation who are looking for a light stability shoe for training or long distance races.  Oh, and those that have no bunions!

Where to buy: Nike, Runnr

Retail price: P5,495

Bull’s Eye: Nike Lunar Glide+ 3

Tuesday, 12 July 2011  |  Gear + Gadgets

What shoe did I use for all my five marathons? Just one model: Nike Lunar Glide. I was obsessed with that shoe and I hoarded pairs of them like crazy and eventually used them all to retirement.

Nike then “upgraded” my favorite shoe to Nike Lunar Glide+ 2 which, uhm, to put it bluntly sucked big time.

Then, a little birdie told me that the next Lunar Glide would be more like the 1st release.  So, for months, I patiently waited for its arrival.  Who would’ve thought that a text from Nike this morning would signal the end of my long wait?!

Introducing: Nike Lunar Glide+ 3 fresh out of the box!





What a beauty, eh?!  Tomorrow, I am all set to run my first weekday run post-injury.  Isn’t it perfect timing that I get to road test this brand spankin’ new pair of Nike Lunar Glide+ 3 as well?!  As Tony of Nike said: “It’s fate!”

Check this blog for a more complete review after a week.