Bull’s Eye: Nike Lunar Glide+ 3

Tuesday, 12 July 2011  |  Gear + Gadgets

What shoe did I use for all my five marathons? Just one model: Nike Lunar Glide. I was obsessed with that shoe and I hoarded pairs of them like crazy and eventually used them all to retirement.

Nike then “upgraded” my favorite shoe to Nike Lunar Glide+ 2 which, uhm, to put it bluntly sucked big time.

Then, a little birdie told me that the next Lunar Glide would be more like the 1st release.  So, for months, I patiently waited for its arrival.  Who would’ve thought that a text from Nike this morning would signal the end of my long wait?!

Introducing: Nike Lunar Glide+ 3 fresh out of the box!





What a beauty, eh?!  Tomorrow, I am all set to run my first weekday run post-injury.  Isn’t it perfect timing that I get to road test this brand spankin’ new pair of Nike Lunar Glide+ 3 as well?!  As Tony of Nike said: “It’s fate!”

Check this blog for a more complete review after a week.