Gatorade Sweat Test…and the Results!

Thursday, 23 February 2012  |  Healthy Food + Recipes

Last Feb. 18, 2012, Gatorade treated 52 of our TBR Dream Marathon runners and friends to a free Gatorade Sweat Test at Ultra.

– TBR DM runners woke up early for their Gatorade Sweat Test at Ultra –

The experts and staff of Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI) came in full force. And, even before the 5am call time, our runners were lined up at the Ultra entrance. 100% attendance from all sign ups!

Runners went through this simple and organized process led by GSSI:
1. Measure Body Weight;
2. Urine Test;
3. Patch the Runners (the staff places a cotton like material on the runner’s forearm and forehead to collect sweat and analyze electrolytes)
4. 1 hour 30 minutes running

– Urine samples. Guess which urine is severely dehydrated? –

– GSSI hard at work collecting samples and patching –

– Ultramarathoner and suki volunteer/chaser of TBR DM Leo Tugade gets patched –

– Lara Parpan, Women’s Health editor and guest of Gatorade, gets sweat tested too –

After the 1 1/2 hour run…
5. Taking off of patches after about 45 minutes
6. Finish the 1:30 hr run while monitoring fluid intake
7. Cool Down
8. Towel down and Weigh out.

– GSSI takes this very seriously –

– Gatorade on the house during the sweat test –

– me (saling pusa runner for the day), Ton and Oz of GroupM, and Lit –

– TBR DM runners with GSSI, Marcia of Group M, and one of my favorite paralympic heroes Coach Sid Vildosola –

– Surprise surprise! Who did I bump into as a member of the GSSI team? My favorite PT at Moro Lorenzo Sports Center, Aspi. Years ago, I would run to him for dry needling! That’s me with Aspi and Jun –


We received the results from GSSI yesterday. Drumroll please! Participants will receive the results via email as well.

2012 TBR GSTFB Results - Men1

2012 TBR GSTFB Results - Men P2_1

2012 TBR GST FB Results - Women1


While the lucky 50 runners get a personalized guide to their hydration, GSSI was kind enough to offer the same information and guidance to the rest of our runners.

On our next Bull Session on Feb. 25 at NUVALI, GSSI head Nino Sinco will present a TBR Gatorade Drink Guide, a General Drink Guide for the TBR DM Runners based on the data they collected and obtained from the sample of 52 TBR DM Runners during the test. Basically, it’s a cross section guide for the participants/ trainees/ runners.

The talk will start at 4:00 AM at the Solenad Activity area and end at around 4:25 AM. This will be followed by a brief talk by Jim Lafferty and Lit Onrubia and off we go on our 3.5 hour long run.

Some photos courtesy of Nino Sinco. Thanks Nino!

Gatorade Sweat Test for NYCM

Tuesday, 25 October 2011  |  Healthy Food + Recipes, Running + Triathlon

In preparation for New York City Marathon, Gatorade invited Anthony Pangilinan and I for a Gatorade Sweat Test, a test conducted by the Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI) more commonly to elite athletes from Philippines National Teams to the Azkals. They’ve also done the test for the Polo Tri Team.

The Gatorade Sweat Test basically analyzes an athlete’s sweat rate and provides an adequate hydration program to ensure that the athlete performs at his/her best.  For Anthony and I, Gatorade offered to conduct the test to help us plan our hydration for NYC Marathon on November 6.

– with GSSI Consultant and Gatorade Sweat Test Director, Nino Sinco –

Gatorade Sweat Test director and consultant of GSSI, Nino Sinco, a 3:20 marathoner, mind you, gave us a briefing. Here’s what I learned about hydration:

  1. For every 2% below proper hydration level, you experience a 20% reduction in performance. For us runners, this could mean months of training flushed down the drain just because we failed to drink properly before or during a race!
  2. Our sweat rate does not change whether in hot or cold weather. This means that regardless of the amount of sweat you feel, you should make sure you are hydrating properly because you sweat the same amount whether you’re running in Manila heat or New York winter. In cold weather, you’re just less soaked because the sweat evaporates quickly.
  3. Most athletes—including you, dear runner—start a workout dehydrated without even knowing it. I plead guilty.


A week before the test, we were informed that GSSI would simulate race conditions for New York City Marathon. What did this mean? They booked a function room at Mandarin hotel, brought two treadmills in, and reduced temperature to 55 degrees. Only a limited number of people were allowed in the room to keep the temps low. The kicker: two fans were placed on each side of the treadmills to simulate wind chill! Brrrrr. My Li’l Miss Bull Runner must’ve felt the cold because she asked: Is it also going to snow in here?

Before I got into full NYCM Gear, GSSI took my weight and urine sample. Once done, I was not allowed to eat or drink anything but water or Gatorade.


Nino then placed two patches on my body: one on my forehead and another on my forearm. This would collect my sweat and would be removed until it was fully saturated. They did the same with Anthony.

– Putting on those patches –

– I heard these sweat patches cost a bundle! –

– with Angel of Gatorade. Her first marathon was at TBR Dream. Her 2nd will be NYCM –

We were handed 1 bottle of Gatorade and 1 bottle of mineral water and we could drink as much as we wished. Our heart rates were taken and would be monitored every 10 minutes or so during the entire run.


Anthony and I hopped on our treadmills ready for the long and cold run ahead. We were instructed to run for 1 hour and 30 minutes at any pace we desired.

Ooh boy. I love to run, BUT not on a treadmill. It is dreadfully boring for both the legs and mind and I do it only as a last resort. I was thankful that Anthony was there as company.  (Gatorade, I only do this for you!)

– Running with Anthony P. –

We agreed to keep our pace at 4. But, when Anthony wasn’t looking, I increased mine to 4.5 haha. When GSSI staff checked on us, I learned he had increased his speed to 4.6 and proudly announced to them that he was faster. So, of course, I hiked mine up to 4.7! Yes, Mr. Pangilinan, you were 0.1 faster than me for uhm 5 seconds hah!

We talked about New York preps, running, triathlon and more as the X-Men DVD prepared by GSSI staff for our entertainment played on. We talked about how we were slaving away like hamsters while GSSI and Gatorade people were probably dining at a buffet in the warmer room next door. Once in a while, Anthony would sprint or run sideways like a dancer. It may have been out of boredom, but it may also have been an attempt to distract me from finishing the run. I suspect it was the latter!

– Talk, laugh, drink, run. Anything to keep the boredom at bay –

During the last 20 minutes, Nino removed my patches because they were saturated with sweat already. I then began my countdown to the finish. I would yell: 19 minutes to go…10 minutes to go…5 minutes…1 minute. It was around this time when I recall Anthony saying: Ang kulit mo pala! Poor guy. The Gatorade Sweat Test must have also been a test of his patience and tolerance with The Bull Runner tsk tsk.

– Every minute counts! –

– Nino removes the patches on the forehead and then the arm –


We both ran all 1 hours and 30 minutes.  It was the longest I had ever gone on a freakin’ treadmill. Wow, I felt like a winner when I finished.

Once we were done, we had another weigh in to check fluids lost. Anthony then proceeded for the post-test interview first and I followed.


Even before the Sweat Test ended, GSSI had confirmed that I was dehydrated when I started the run. Scary how I felt completely fine and I was completely oblivious to the risks I was putting on my body!

Our full results will be released early next week before we leave for NYC Marathon and I’ll post them up here.  I’m pretty excited because the info will surely be useful in planning our hydration for the race and all other future races. They will be able to tell us exactly how much fluids we should be taking during the race and how often. How cool is that?!

As for my running buddy (or was it fierce competitor?), he texted me that evening: I won Part 1!

What Part 1?!  Why didn’t anyone tell me this was a race?!  And how exactly did he win it?!  Apparently, Mr. Pangilinan’s basis for the win was that he accomplished the urine test + actual run + interview faster than I did!  Much to my hesitation, I conceded. After all, he did leave hotel premises earlier. And, the Gatorade Sweat Test was just that – a test.

Too bad Mr. Pangilinan didn’t know that Part 2 was the Adidas KOTR 21k the following day.  I ran the 21k while he stayed in bed to rest and recover.  As soon as I crossed the finish line that day, I declared myself the winner of Part 2!

As for Part 3, let’s see who crosses the finish line first at the NYC Marathon!  Care to place any bets?

Thanks to Anthony for keeping me sane during the run.  I couldn’t have thought of a more hilarious and entertaining treadmill running partner for the day.  See you in NYC Marathon and carry that flag for us with pride!  Thanks to Gatorade for giving me the opportunity to undergo this test. You can make me your guinea pig or hamster anytime and I’ll willingly run another long and boring treadmill run just for you.  No sweat! And, no pun intended!

– with Ton of GroupM and Oz of Gatorade –

– with Gatorade and GSSI team. Thanks guys! I know I said it was boring, but it was as fun as we could possible make it! –