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July 2008 Archive

  • Wake Up, Sleepyhead

    I set my alarm for 5:00 this morning with the intention of running for 45 minutes on my treadmill for the scheduled V-Run today.  I was to run a bit earlier than my virtual friends hoping to run my last kilometer with them as they started at 6:00 a.m. Manila time. (Mommy duties beckon for [...]

  • Virtual Training Run No. 6

    It’s back.  The Virtual Training Run that a few of us crazies so happily took part in last year.  (Search for “Virtual Run” in my archives if you want to read V-Runs 1 through 5).  Now, the headmaster of our V-runs, E-rod, is back from hibernation and is raring to go again.   This is [...]

  • The Tough TNF

    For weeks, I was mourning the loss of the opportunity to join The North Face 100.  In fact, as I’ve said, I ran the Robinson’s Buddy Wellness thinking of how much fun all the other runners were having at TNF in Batangas.  Little did I know that I should’ve been glad I didn’t join (only [...]

  • Robinson’s Buddy Wellness Run

    We almost didn’t show up for this one.  I woke up at 4:30 a.m. to the sound of rain outside so I immediately consulted my team mate a.k.a. The Hubby who was quite conveniently half awake on the other side of my bed.  ”Do we go?”  (Yawn)  I wasn’t particularly excited about this race as, [...]

  • The North Face 100 Update

    I texted Neville Manaois of Pinoy Ultra Runners last night wishing him a great run for tomorrow’s TNF (which I am still moping over since I forbade myself from joining due to the risk of re-injury).  He replied from Batangas with this SMS: “Raining hard here. River rising daw. Winds picking up.  And temperature dropping. [...]