Robinson’s Buddy Wellness Run

Monday, 28 July 2008  |  Bullish Insights

We almost didn’t show up for this one.  I woke up at 4:30 a.m. to the sound of rain outside so I immediately consulted my team mate a.k.a. The Hubby who was quite conveniently half awake on the other side of my bed.  “Do we go?”  (Yawn)  I wasn’t particularly excited about this race as, I’ve said before, I had TNF thoughts on my mind.  “Do you want to go?” he asked although I knew he didn’t want to run under the rain again. I told him we should go on two points: 1) The rain could stop by 6 a.m. and 2) We spent a whopping P1000 for race registration.  Sayang naman diba?!  So, with that, we decided to get dressed and show up at NBC Tent.


– TBR and Team Mate aka Hubby –

The assembly area was a welcome sight from the overwhelming OROFOLS crowd.  By this time, the rain had stopped and there were a few hundred runners waiting for the race to begin.  Before that, we were treated to uhm a dance warm up courtesy of Regine Tolentino who seemed to be the only one wide awake during that time of day.  (Yawn) Oops, sorry there I go again.  I just wasn’t into this race for some reason.

When the gun went off, “Team Pizarro” ran together at too fast a pace at around 5 min/km.  I sort of knew that we couldn’t keep this up together.  By km2, we slowed down a bit to 5:30.  By km3, we slowed down even more.  And, you don’t have to guess what happened at km4 and 5.  

We finished the race side-by-side, a strict rule imposed by organizers, at a ho-hum time of around 32 minutes for 5.4 km. 

This was, suprisingly, fine by me.  It was not a big deal that I couldn’t ran faster, beat my PR, or we didn’t win that trip to Cebu (although a suprise win wouldn’t have hurt).  It did matter that we didn’t argue at all, we didn’t leave each other behind, and he got me my own water to drink at the station.  (I wished he could wipe the sweat off my face too but that may have been asking for too much.)   

After crossing the finish line, I ran another 2km around Bonifacio High Street and met my bestest team mate in the car. Then, we went straight home eager to meet the rest of the team, the two kids who were still fast asleep.


– Our lootbags can feed our family of four –