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April 2010 Archive

  • Epic Relay 250 Registration: Now Open

    Registration for Epic Relay 250 is now open. Click HERE to download registration forms and their oh-so comprehensive race bible at their site.  Oh, before that, make sure you have a team already!

  • Last Reminders for Bull Session 3 on May 2

    It’s the longest run for TBR DREAM MARATHONERS (and friends) this coming Sunday, May 2, 2010, at our race route, NUVALI, Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Again, this is open to the public. Free of charge. Just show up and join us for the run if you are interested. Here are final reminders: ASSEMBLY: May 2, Sunday, [...]


    Remember we mentioned that The Bull Runner Dream Marathon is not just about letting first-time or second-time marathoners reach their marathon dream?  That it’s also about experienced marathoners being given the opportunity to give back to the running community, to give new runners the same support and motivation they received from others.  To basically pay [...]

  • Morning Running

    I’ve fallen in love with running again. Not that I ever fell out of it. But, for a while there, I lost the oomph that I always felt in the past. Truth be told, the past months, running felt more like a force of habit, or worse like work.  It was something I had to [...]

  • Chase The Sun on May 16, 2010

    I love the name of this race: CHASE THE SUN: THE NEUTROGENA RUN. It’s all about summer running and not being afraid to enjoy the great outdoors, which is exactly what I’ll do that weekend: saturday at the beach, sunday at the race. Ooh I can’t wait! Hope to see you at the race! NOTE: [...]