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April 2011 Archive

  • My Crazy, Robocop, Ironman Friend Needs Your Help

    I have this crazy friend. His name is Javy Olives. I first met him almost three years ago along with his wife, Hannah, while we were running loops around Bonifacio High Street for a Nike test run. He introduced himself as Rice Cooker.  A couple of years later, after learning about his bad knee and [...]

  • Nike Free Run+ 2

    Nike Frees. Aaah. Just thinking of them makes my heart skip a beat. I’ve been in love with this shoe from day one. They can change its color and modify a few elements with every update, but I never ever tire of them.  My various pairs (and I have over five—teehee) have been with me [...]

  • Holy Week Training

    As long as we fulfill our religious duties, we can use our free time this Holy Week to train, rest, and train. Well, that’s what I’ve done the past few days. This morning, we got a good group together for a long 25k run that turned into a shorter 14k run. I felt ill at [...]

  • Women’s Health Beauty and the Beach

    Every woman—fine, a man too—needs a break from life every now and then.  Thanks to Women’s Health, I got the perfect weekend getaway right when I needed it the most. Last April 16 & 17, 2011, Women’s Health sent me to Boracay to attend the Women’s Health Beauty and the Beach in celebration of its [...]

  • The Next Step Triathlon Camp Review

    Last April 9 to 11, 2011, I was invited to join The Next Step Triathlon Camp of Coach Dan Brown and Ani de Leon in Subic.  Although I’ve done two mini sprints in the past few years, I still never considered myself a triathlete.  I’ve been a “wannabe triathlete” for God knows how long. The [...]