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December 2012 Archive

  • Part 2: Hey 2012, You Suck…Not!

    Continuing from Part 1: Here’s even more highlights of 2012… Runner’s World Features:  I and TBR Dream were fortunate enough to be featured on my favorite running magazine, Runner’s World Philippines, twice this year. – One of the running bloggers featured on Runner’s World Phils Jan-March 2012 issue – - TBR Dream Marathon makes it [...]

  • Part 1: Hey 2012, You Suck…NOT!

    Top of mind, this is what I wanted to tell the year that passed: Hey 2012, you suck! Then, I browsed through my iphoto library for over a couple of hours and discovered a treasure trove of fond memories of the past 364 days. Instantly, I recalled what one of my dearest friends repeatedly told [...]

  • TBR DM 2013: Bull Session 4 on 5 January 2013!

    It’s our 4th Bull Session for TBR Dreamers 2013 on Saturday, January 5, 2013 at our race venue, NUVALI, Sta. Rosa, Laguna!  If there is one session that you shouldn’t miss, this would be it!  This is a 3 hour run, a key long run in preparation for the marathon.  (It’s also a great way to [...]

  • Merry Christmas! Live, Laugh, and Slow Down…for Today!

    How have you been celebrating the holidays?  For me, there was a whole lot of love, laughter, and…suffering the past few days! SUFFER-FEST! I’m talking about the kind of suffering you’re probably familiar with, one that you probably enjoyed yourself over the past few days. Hey, we all felt compelled to burn off all the [...]

  • Order Amid the Christmas Chaos

    Who’s going crazy like me over the multitude of things to do nearing Christmas?  There are Christmas programs to watch, gifts to buy, potluck parties to prepare for, and, to top it all off, looming deadlines for work!  It doesn’t help that you can hardly get anywhere on time anymore with the awful traffic.  Bah [...]