Reebok’s Triple Launch: New FitHub, Brand Mark, and ZSeries Shoes!

Friday, 4 April 2014  |  Gear + Gadgets

Before my obsession with running shoes even started in my 30’s, I was completely enthralled with my first ever pair of lifestyle shoes given to me by an Aunt from the US. It was a pair of high-cut, pastel-colored Reeboks. (Think Punky Brewster if you’re from my generation.) Needless to say, Reebok and I go way, way back. LOL.

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to the launch of Reebok’s first ever FitHub. It was a well-attended event and sort of a mini reunion among us running bloggers as I saw friends from running that I hadn’t seen for a long time.

It was also nice to know about all the new surprises Reebok has in store for everyone namely: the launch of its new brand mark and its ZSeries collection! Read on!


Reebok launched the country’s first ever Reebok FitHub Shop-in-Shop at the Royal Sporting House Store, 2nd Level Glorietta 4 Ayala Center Makati. Designed to inspire people to move, to train, to get fit and have fun doing it, the Reebok FitHub offers a new way of thinking about fitness and is THE destination for those dedicated to living a fit lifestyle.

The retail store is inspired by elements found in fitness studios and CrossFit boxes around the country. Like a gym, the environment is raw, creative and innovative with customers being immersed in fitness as soon as they enter the store.

The store will carry pinnacle product from Reebok’s latest collections specifically made for fitness and exclusive to the FitHub. This premium footwear and apparel collection features Reebok’s top-of-the-line technology and materials, allowing for optimal performance and comfort.


As a graphic designer, I was excited to learn about the new brand mark of Reebok: The Reebok Delta symbol. Oh, they call it a “brand mark” instead of a logo because they say it’s not a logo, it’s a symbol, a new way of life. The branding change also coincides with Reebok’s singular focus on fitness.

The new Reebok Delta symbol represents the positive and transformative change that fitness can have on a person’s life. Through the millennia the delta has been a symbol of change and transformation. The Reebok Delta has three distinct parts each representing the changes – physical, mental and social – that occur when people push themselves beyond their perceived limits and embrace an active and challenging life.

And here’s the old Reebok logo on the left with the new Reebok brand mark on the right!


Reebok also unveiled its latest running footwear collection, the Reebok ZSERIES COLLECTION. This unique, natural motion product is inspired by the design of high-performance ZRated tires found on exotic high-end sports cars. Reebok ZSERIES COLLECTION is designed for high speed performance.

According to Reebok, the ZQUICK has the following features:
– It has a unique foam compound and radically sliced geometry similar to that of a high performance tire for ultimate ground contact and a light weight, cushioned and more responsive ride. The underfoot grooves allow the midsole to flex and expand as the foot does, naturally increasing the edges in contact with the ground to allow rapid acceleration and easy control at high speed.
– For additional stability when accelerating in and out of turns, the ZQUICK features a strategically placed NanoWeb upper that keeps the foot supported and centered providing enhanced control and stability so that the runner can move laterally with speed and quickness.
– It has a smooth, nearly seam-free upper for an irritation-free fit

I went home with a Rebook ZRun for testing. I have yet to run in them, but initial impression is that it’s light, well-cushioned, very close to the ground, and it’s more for short, fast runs. Wait for a shoe review from me pretty soon!


For more information,

* Some photos courtesy of Blas Ople, Titanium Runner

Shoe Review: Adizero Adios Boost

Saturday, 29 March 2014  |  Gear + Gadgets

I received the Adizero Adios Boost from adidas’ Adrien Semblat a week before I was to bid Manila “adios” (ack, I’m so corny) for Tokyo Marathon.  I was itching to road test them, but I didn’t want to experiment with shoes before a marathon and, when I came home with discomfort in my knee, I thought it best to wait for full recovery.

Now that I’m completely healed (yeah baby!), I was able to test the shoes twice on short runs.  Here’s what I thought about the Adizero Adios Boost.


LIGHT.  Adidas Adios Boost weighs in at 7.8 ounces for a size 9.  It’s a long distance racing flat, so it’s not as light as other racing shoes, but definitely lighter than your usual training shoe. You feel fast and nimble in these shoes!

COMFORTABLE RIDE.  adidas’ Boost technology, the bubble look in the sole that looks like Styrofoam, is said to provide a runner with continuous energy return.  They say the material has been proven to be three times more temperature-resistant than standard EVA material, thus providing a more consistent and comfortable run.  I truly felt the cushioning from Boost with every step, especially at the heel, which made for a comfortably bouncy ride.  It was just the right amount of cushioning, soft but not too much.  It was also responsive without being too stiff.

GREAT FIT. Silly me, on the second time I tested these shoes, I came from a swim and, as I dressed for the run, I realized I didn’t have any socks.  I ran sockless in these shoes (like them crazy triathletes! LOL) and they were very comfortable.  The molded responsive EVA sockliner is said to provide for an anatomical fit and great step-in comfort and I agree.  The heel counter felt snug.

GOOD TRACTION.  Most noticeable for me was the midfoot traction on the ground due to use of Continental Rubber for optimal grip.  With our crazy weather, this comes in perfect for the rainy season.

BREATHABLE MATERIAL.  I enjoyed the breathable mesh on the upper of this shoe.

ATTRACTIVE.  The bright orange color?  Love it.


MARATHON SHOE?   The ads and press material call the Adios Boost a marathon shoe, but I believe they must make it clear that it’s a great marathon shoe for the elite or efficient neutral runner. If you’re like me, a mere mortal runner, you can use this shoe for shorter races.  I would use this for a 5k or 10k race or intervals at the track and always with my customized insoles at Intercare.

LACKS STABILITY.  I prefer more stability in my shoe. I found this to be a bit on the narrow side which leads to more pronation for me.

NARROW UPPER.  I’ve got bunions, suffer from lots of blisters, and I dealt with nightmarish Morton’s Neuroma in the past, so I need shoes that provide ample space for my toes.

PRICEY.  Price is on the high side at P7,995.


The adidas Adios Boost is a long distance racing flat for the neutral, efficient runner.  If you’re one of the lucky aforementioned ones, then it may be the perfect shoe for you that may just take you to break your new PR due to its lightness, responsiveness, and overall comfort.  If you’re like me who needs stability, then use it only for short races.


PRICE: P7,995

WHERE TO BUY: Available in various adidas and sports stores nationwide

New Gear: Garmin Vivofit

Monday, 24 March 2014  |  Gear + Gadgets

Garmin recently announced the launch of Vívofit (veevo-fit) — a stylish, lightweight fitness band designed to turn good intentions into lifelong habits.  I haven’t seen one yet, but it seems to me that it’s very similar to Nike’s Fuel Band.  These products are geared more for the fitness enthusiast rather than the endurance athlete.  Methinks my sister will like this!


  • only fitness band that automatically greets users with a personalized daily goal, tracks their progress and reminds them when it’s time to move
  • shows steps, goal countdown, calories, distance, and time of day
  • has a unique, curved display
  • batteries last over one year and are replaceable
  • water-resistant (50m)
  • compatible with ANT+™ heart rate monitors1 for fitness activities


Vívofit learns users’ current activity level, then assigns an attainable daily goal. As milestones are met, vívofit will adjust the goal for the next day. Research shows prolonged periods of inactivity, such as sitting at a desk, decreases the body’s production of fat-burning enzymes. Taking frequent, short walk breaks throughout the day can reverse this. And while it is easy to lose track of time and forget to move, vívofit knows. A red move bar appears on the display after one hour of inactivity and builds when users have been sitting too long. Walking for a couple of minutes will reset the move bar, and get users out of the red.

Vívofit follows progress 24/7, and it can stay on for more than a year without a battery change. Setting the sleep mode when going to bed allows vívofit to monitor the quality of rest. With the touch of one button, users can wirelessly sync vívofit with Garmin Connect™, a free online fitness community with currently over four billion miles uploaded by users. At Garmin Connect, users can see a complete picture of their progress through easy to read reports and graphical representations, including their total sleep hours, as well as periods of movement and restful sleep. Also at Garmin Connect, users can join online challenges with other vívofit users or start their own competitions with friends to compete for virtual badges and bragging rights. Users can access this free online community from their computer or on their compatible mobile device2 with the Garmin Connect™ Mobile app.

Using a heart rate monitor with vívofit to record heart rate and zone data will achieve more accurate calorie burn information for any fitness activity, such as a run or a cardio class at the gym. The vívofit band is water-resistant, so it can be worn in the shower or get caught in the rain, worry-free.


Vívofit is available in black, purple, teal, blue and slate and both small and large sizes come in the box.

Vívofit retail price: Php8,450.00

For now, Vivofit is available at R.O.X. and selected bike shops.


New adidas Energy Boost Colorways

Friday, 14 March 2014  |  Bullish Insights, Gear + Gadgets

Remember the limited black adidas Energy BOOST I wrote about last year? adidas has gone a long way since then with Energy Boost. Just last month, they unveiled new Energy BOOST colorways.

Just to tell you about how Energy BOOST started, adidas and partner BASF, the world’s leading chemical company, developed BOOST foam cushioning that returns more energy than any other foam cushioning in the running industry. 

BOOST technology basically combined the qualities of performance cushioning and responsiveness so runners don’t have to choose between the two; they get both.

Other features of Energy BOOST:

  • BOOST was developed to remain consistently cushioned and incredibly responsive through sub-zero cold to punishing heat, which we can expect this summer LOL.
  • The upper of Energy BOOST features adidas Techfit, highly durable elastic polyurethane that provides optimal comfort and support to the entire foot while in motion. The formfitting, breathable mesh material offers the fit of a sock, while engineered powerbands across the upper provide targeted support and stabilization.
  • Energy BOOST also includes an extended TORSION® system from heel to toe which helps minimize roll for stability. This feature works with an external heel counter which maximizes the heel fit and comfort during runs.

The new collection of miCoach compatible Energy BOOST colorways retails for PHP 7995. Available at leading adidas and sports stores nationwide.

Running Belts: Carry Your Essentials While Running

Wednesday, 15 January 2014  |  Gear + Gadgets

You’ve trained well for the upcoming race and you’ve got your brand spankin’ new apparel all laid out.  But, have you thought of how you’re going to carry your gels, car keys, and cash? Nope, I don’t think your new running shorts can hold all those in its hidden pockets.  And, don’t you know that those safety pins punch tiny holes into your running tops that tend to ruin the fabric in the long run?  Most importantly, have you figured out how you’re going to carry your iPhone during the race?  You must capture that perfect running selfie as you cross the finish line, right?  Aack, running problems! Haha!

Enter the RUNNING BELT. There’s a wide array of running belts available in the market nowadays from light race belts that will hold your race bib to larger ones that can hold anything from your car keys to your smartphone to a Chihuahua (okay, maybe not the latter but you get the point.)

Below are four running belts that I currently have in my possession. Three of them I received during the Holidays: one as a gift and the other two for road testing. The last one, the Spibelt, is one of my favourite products. (No, I’m not their endorser, just a huge fan who has used their belts and armbands during my last 4 marathons.)

Tune Belt – Sport Belt for iPhone 5

The Sport Belt for iphone 5 holds the iphone 5 horizontally and protects it from perspiration, bumps, scratches, or drops. The belt is made of a lightweight and super comfortable neoprene material, which stretches easily and snugly across the waist. It has an extra pocket in the back to hold keys, cash, and other thin items.

I like the fact that you can see your iPhone through the plastic, but I found the belt too long and too thick for my size. Perhaps the size would be more appropriate for a man.

– Front of Sport Belt with my iPhone 5 inside –

– Back pocket can hold essentials but items can’t be too bulky –

– Back of Sport Belt –

Price: To follow.

Available at Planet Sports, Runnr, Toby’s, Chris Sports, Riovana, The Athlete’s Foot, R.O.X.

SPIbelt Endurance

SPIbelt is sleek, expandable, secure and does not bounce. SPIbelt Endurance Series features a larger neoprene pocket compared with the Original SPIbelt.  The new Endurance Series can hold an iPhone, keys, energy gels, and other essentials. It also comes with a larger elastic (1.5″) so it’s more stable with heavier loads. It even has holsters for energy gels and adjustable race bib toggles. It also has a reflective trim for increased visibility.  Pockets expands to 6″ x 3″ x 2″.  Fits waist size 29″ through 50″.

The inside of the SPIbelt has a special, water-resistant lining to protect your items, but this is not completely waterproof. I would keep my iphone in an Otterbox Preserver or a ziplock bag.

This is probably perfect for the runner who doesn’t mind carrying the extra weight as long as he/she has all his essentials along for the run.

Price: P1,690

– Front of SPIbelt Endurance –

– Back of SPIbelt Endurance –

While the SPIbelt Endurance can hold more items, I still prefer my Original SPIbelt.  It’s thinner, lighter, and can expand enough to hold my iPhone, a couple gels, and tissue.  It’s perfect for the marathon where you need a number of items, but you don’t want to be dragged down by the load during the last 10 kms.  I used my SPIbelt together with  the SPI Wrist Pocket.  Okay, the Wrist Pocket isn’t a belt but I might as well mention it. I reviewed both items HERE.

– Original SPIbelt –

– My Original SPIbelt. He was with me for 4 marathons and probably in the next one too. A friend purchased the race bib toggles for me separately –

– SPIbelt Wrist Pocket. A convenient way to carry gels and cash for me –

Available at Splash Underwater Imaging, Inc. Level B, Store # 2003 Shoppesville Arcade. Phone. 7249803


i-Fitness Race Number Belt

i-Fitness Race Number Belt has an ultra soft dual-adjust waistbelt so there won’t be any extra elastic bands sticking out. It holds your race belt and has 6 loops for your gels. It’s simple and perfect for a runner or triathlete who doesn’t want the bulk nor extra weight but needs a belt to conveniently hold his essentials. It also has high visibility reflectors.

– Front of i-Fitness Race Belt –

– Back of i-Fitness Race Number Belt –

Price: P499

Available at Runnr, Toby’s, Secondwind, and other leading sports stores

More models to choose from on this LINK