My 4th Mizuno Run

Saturday, 29 September 2007  |  Running + Triathlon

I could not wait to run. Work had been weighing down on me for the past week or so (hence the lack of posts…and worse runs!) so I blocked Thursday evening as a “must run” on my planner. When the rain started pouring in the afternoon, I prayed to God He’d make it stop if only from 7 to 8 that evening. He heard me alright. It was clear skies by the time I arrived at Bonifacio High Street.

As always, Coach Ige briefed us before we sped off. The elite runners would run the larger laps around High Street, while beginners and intermediate runners would take the inner circle. Before I knew it, we were going our separate ways. Goodbye Elite Runners, I thought, I shall only see your dust from hereon!

Coach Ige led our group with Marga and I by his side. He announced the plan for that night: a progressive run of 8 laps; we would run at an easy pace for the first 2 laps, increase pace for the next 2 laps, and run race pace for the last 4 laps. Wooohooo! This was definitely my idea of fun!

During the first lap, Coach Ige corrected my form. He said I was moving my upper body too much. (That was a big surprise as I thought I only did that when I listened to Maroon 5 on my ipod!) Secondly, he said I should stick my pelvis out. “Huh? Like how,” I asked? He answered, “Just imagine you have a coin up your butt.” Oh, okay! If I had a P10 coin, I would’ve done it for real if only to get the perfect running form…NOT!

It was smooth running for the first 4 laps along with Coach Ige. Marga had slowed down after suffering from side stitches. Before the 2nd half of the run, Coach Ige bid me farewell with one last direction: “Remember: race pace. Do not slow down.” Yes, sir! Like a good little soldier, I took his commands to heart and went as fast as possible as I watched him speed up leaving me by my lonesome. Then, from out of nowhere, Renz appeared. I told him between breaths “You’re late. 8 laps. Last 4: race pace.” And, with that, we ran with barely any words between us.

I finished at 9 laps (8.3 km) in 46 mins at 5:34 min/km. Aaaw, a little bit slow but I forgave myself as I was still feeling the exhaustion from work and lack of sleep. After chatting with friends, Ben and Marga (Renz was still running), meeting Gelo and Cris anew (Drew where were you?), and meeting Raymond for the first time, I headed home and greeted my mac “I’m back. Where did we end?”

With Gelo and Cris
– with Gelo and Cris –

With Ben and Marga
– with Photographer Ben and Marga –

Mizuno Run Club 1

Mizuno Run Club 2
– All kinds of runners meet at Mizuno Run Club –