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Thursday, 7 February 2008  |  Running + Triathlon

Chi Running, as its name clearly denotes, is a fusion of the ancient principles of Tai Chi together with the power and energy of running. Created by Danny Deyer, an accomplished ultramarathoner, this unique running form focuses on relaxing the muscles and keeping the body aligned to run efficiently thereby preventing or completely avoiding injury. Dreyer teaches his runners to fall slightly forward while keeping the back straight so that the weight is supported by the frame. The legs remain loose and are just lifted; they don’t push down.


– Chi Running on Discovery Health –

I learned about Chi Running only recently when a friend of mine—perhaps after reading through the pitiful posts I’ve written over my condition—emailed me about Chi Running and shared how her knee pain vanished after practicing this for over a year. She ran the half-marathon at Subic and was pleasantly surprised to feel minimal pain or soreness the day after. She says, and I quote, “it has become my running bible.”

In back issues of Runner’s World, I do remember reading about the benefits of the Pose Method, which like Chi Running, prevents many of the common injuries runners experience. A quick google pointed me towards an article where Danny Dreyer discussed the differences.

Now I don’t have the book nor DVD yet, so I wouldn’t be too quick to call Chi Running my own bible. However, I would go as far as saying that this has certainly piqued my curiosity and given me some sense of hope that my love for running won’t have to hurt me again this way. I will probably get my hands on the book soon. And, should it prove to be as good as it sounds, I just might become a Chi Runner without this Runner’s Knee someday.

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