Mizuno Infinity Run – Part 1

Monday, 31 March 2008  |  Race Reports

I arrived at the Mizuno Infinity Run at the Fort at around 6:15 am. Just in time to make a quick stop at the portalet (to see poop staring back at me from the hole! Blech!), teach hubby how my Nike kit worked, and do some (but certainly not enough) warm ups and stretching before the race started. In a blink of an eye, we were off.


This was one mad, hungry, chaotic, crowd. (Or have I just been away from races for too long?) I felt somewhat lost and confused in the traffic of 5k runners. Despite this, I stuck to my plan of maintaining a steady (read: boring) pace of 6:30 thereabouts. The hubby had the ipod on (so much for my dreams of marital bonding while running!) and he suffered pain behind his knee at around 2km, so soon after we crossed McKinley we parted ways.

Running alone, I focused on my form: landing on my midfoot, putting more power on my left leg, lifting my knees a bit higher, and tucking my tummy in. Going downhill, I would intentionally slow down to avoid aggravating my runner’s knee. I busied myself watching others—especially the elite who were returning from their 15ks on the opposite side of the road. Awesome! Sure, I wanted to run faster or outpace others, but I had to stick to what I knew was right. Well, I was “good” until the last half kilometer. I increased my pace to a 5 to 5:30 and slowed down again just before hitting the finish line.

According to my Garmin, my time was 33.42 for 5.07km. Ave pace was 6:39/km. Nothing to be proud of, but hey no pain so I’m a happy camper. Hubby came in, tired but happy, a few minutes after. I think I’ve just made a new recruit!

Guess who dropped by on their motorcycles? My two kuyas! That’s me with Tan, Jude, and Hubby –

– Mark and Charlie.  Mark, did you achieve your secret goal? 🙂 –

– Taki (2nd fr left) and Bald Runner (2nd fr right) with friends. Bald Runner collected quite a number of old running shoes to donate to other runners. –

– Photographer Ben with his nephew…the youngest Happy Feet member? –

– Happy Feet people: Joms, Abby, and Lucky 777 Marga –
The Mizuno Elite Team…plus me in high hopes that they’re speed rubs off on me –