Mizuno Infinity Run – Part 2

Monday, 31 March 2008  |  Race Reports

Last night, I checked this blog to find quite a number of negative comments regarding the organization of the Mizuno race—from registration to the lack of water stations—and with a range of emotions from simply disappointed to infuriated.

Personally, I was oblivious to the water problem as I didn’t feel the need to stop at any water station during my 5k run. However, I did encounter these:

1. difficulty registering my husband for the 5k run
2. no pins for my hubby’s race bib
3. more than usual vehicles on the road due to late race time of 6:30am

    In fairness, there were good things too…

    1. 5k race was 5.07km on my Garmin. They finally got it right this time—not perfect but close enough right?
    2. nice singlet for men…but no sizes and too transparent for us women 🙁
    3. 5k started on time
    4. They make the best shoes and leggings…oh right, that’s not about the race

    It was obvious to me that Mizuno and the race organizer worked hard to make this race as successful as it could be. But, obviously, a lot of things went wrong.

    This was Mizuno’s first race and it can only get better next time. Hopefully, all race organizers learn from this experience to give us runners a race that is well-organized—or better yet, one that is at par with races abroad. Sigh.

    What did YOU think about the Mizuno Infinity Run?