One Day til Mizuno Infinity Run

Saturday, 29 March 2008  |  Bullish Insights

It’s Mizuno’s Infinity Run tomorrow. And, unlike past races, I am completely unprepared.


I signed up for 5k tomorrow (the longest distance I’ve ran for the past two months as proven in my expanding waistline) and I laugh at myself for feeling all jittery just thinking about it. Will my knee cooperate? Will I have to walk? And, last but not the least, will I be able to resist the temptation of racing when I promised myself I’d run a slow, easy pace?

Truth be told, I was concerned about the last question as I was leaning towards a “No.” I worried about the fact that this bull-headed runner would glare at faster runners in the middle of the race, scratch her hoofs down on the ground, and with a loud, violent grunt yell “To hell with it. Bahala na yung tuhod!” And run as fast as I could.

Fortunately, the hubby came to the rescue. Almost like a night in shining armor (aw, how romantic), he accepts my invitation to run his first 5k with me and, by default, gained the respectable position of being my pacer. With him by my side, I’m certain I’ll run this one at a slow, steady pace making sure that the hubby enjoys the experience so that he turns into a running addict like me! (If this doesn’t one work, I’ll try hypnotism next)

Today, instead of my usual pre-race prep day wherein I rest, eat well, and sleep early for tomorrow’s race, I am doing quite the opposite. I’m working in the morning, playing golf (first time on the fairway) this afternoon, and watching Horton with the kids in the evening. Wish me luck tomorrow. (Insert nervous laugh here)

For those who haven’t seen the race route, here it is. (Thanks Mark for emailing) See you all tomorrow!