Doc Oknoy’s Birthday

Tuesday, 27 May 2008  |  Bullish Insights

Before Doc Fit’s Takbo Para sa Puso, there was another celebration for a fit doc. Last Thursday, Happy Feet met up out our favorite carbo-loading spot for Doc Oknoy’s birthday party.


– Birthday Boy (in black) at the center –

Doc Oknoy may have turned 40-something but he has the energy and wit of a man half his age. His humor and cheerfulness is contagious, one that makes you just want to be around him when you’re lamenting over an injury or whining about a bad run. He’s just one those guys who can lift your spirits just by the sound of his laughter.

There were no runs that evening. But, even so, there was a lot of talk about races, heart rates, and most especially, about other Happy Feet runners who were not there (hee hee!) It was a night of laughter and camaraderie among people whose lives were brought together by a shared passion for all things running.


– Happy Happy Feet runners: Jan, Daniw, Stephen, Banggi the Priss, Doc Oknoy, Marga the brutal sex master, Ka Totoy, Photographer Ben. Seated: Michelle, Joy, TBR, Sensei John Ting, Master Mon –

Happy Birthday again, Doc Oknoy! And to all Happy Feet-ers, see you again at the next race…or the next party! Chaia, we missed you!