TBR in Phil. Star

Sunday, 17 August 2008  |  Press

Have you read the papers today?

Skip the headlines (nothing important for us runners there) and head straight for the Sunday Lifestyle portion of Philippine Star. Fellow Happy Feet member and Star columnist, Tanya Lara, features recently held races Milo Marathon, Feati, and Mommy Milkshake.  (Thanks Tanya!)


Jump over to Page H-3 and you’ll find my big sis and I there…(That sister of mine is my next target running recruit. Ssssh! As for the hubby, mission accomplished!)


This is the one I am most proud of: TBR on yet another special mention in the papers. (Click here for TBR’s “press debut”.) I just love it when TBR gets more attention than little ol’ Jaymie does.


Doc Oknoy’s Birthday

Tuesday, 27 May 2008  |  Bullish Insights

Before Doc Fit’s Takbo Para sa Puso, there was another celebration for a fit doc. Last Thursday, Happy Feet met up out our favorite carbo-loading spot for Doc Oknoy’s birthday party.


– Birthday Boy (in black) at the center –

Doc Oknoy may have turned 40-something but he has the energy and wit of a man half his age. His humor and cheerfulness is contagious, one that makes you just want to be around him when you’re lamenting over an injury or whining about a bad run. He’s just one those guys who can lift your spirits just by the sound of his laughter.

There were no runs that evening. But, even so, there was a lot of talk about races, heart rates, and most especially, about other Happy Feet runners who were not there (hee hee!) It was a night of laughter and camaraderie among people whose lives were brought together by a shared passion for all things running.


– Happy Happy Feet runners: Jan, Daniw, Stephen, Banggi the Priss, Doc Oknoy, Marga the brutal sex master, Ka Totoy, Photographer Ben. Seated: Michelle, Joy, TBR, Sensei John Ting, Master Mon –

Happy Birthday again, Doc Oknoy! And to all Happy Feet-ers, see you again at the next race…or the next party! Chaia, we missed you!

Running PR

Monday, 28 April 2008  |  Press

Did you read the papers yesterday? Running was featured in two major dailies—Philippine Star and Inquirer. Running PR isn’t just about Personal Records anymore, but also Press Release!

This is good news to all of us Pinoy Runners (hey that’s another PR?!) who can only benefit from the growing popularity of running in the country.

Here’s the article on Star featuring Global City Run…


Then another article on running by Tanya Lara…


and another on Inquirer featuring Condura Race…


In the column of Tanya Lara, she features a friend, Mon Domingo, one of the forces behind Happy Feet running group of which I am a part of, together with Eduardo Padilla, the barefoot runner. I’ve known “Master Mon” for almost a year now but only learned through this article that he’s ran 19 marathons with a 3:50 PR in 2004. Congratulations Master Mon! Pa-autograph naman ng singlet sa next race!

For more info about Happy Feet, click here.


We’ve Got Happy Feet

Tuesday, 11 September 2007  |  Running + Triathlon

The Happy Feet is a diverse group of runners who share a common love for running. We take our running very seriously… but (and this is a big BUT… although none of our butts are big) we never take it TOO seriously. We are all for beating PRs, chasing down the competition, and improving our training, but none of these should be undertaken without bouts of laughter, a couple of jokes, or great conversation among friends.

Since joining Happy Feet, I have never gone to a race alone. We register together, agree to meet near the baggage counter of every race, and end the race with anecdotes of our own race experiences. Oh, of course, we take our requisite Happy Feet photo before parting ways. Most of the Happy Feet (usually the single ones which are the majority) share their post-race meals together after each run. I have yet to join an after-run gimmick as the mommy in me holds Sundays as sacred family days for just me, my hubby, and the kids.

Here are photos of our fast-growing Happy Feet group from the recently held Fil-Mus Run For Peace. The photos are courtesy of Ben, Photographer on The Run, who is our official photographer and stylist (yeah, we need one especially after a long, sweat-inducing race!) By the way, Ben has a new 10k PR of 43:01 min. Congratulations again, Ben!

Fil Mus1

Fil Mus2

If you wish to join Happy Feet, you must meet the following conditions:

  1. You must have an obsessive love for running.
  2. You must post as many senseless messages in our e-group as you possibly can.
  3. You must be willing to read many a senseless message in your inbox — without deleting them.
  4. You must laugh at all of Mon’s jokes… you will meet him later on if you sign in.
  5. You must agree to pose for each photo op as required by Photographer Ben and put on a happy face despite the fatigue from a long run.

Should you be interested in joining Happy Feet, just click here.

If you need more incentive to join us (aside from my lovely speech above), check out our soon-to-arrive uniforms…(Oh, we will just look so cool in them, don’t you think?)

HappyFeet Uniform