TBR in Phil. Star

Sunday, 17 August 2008  |  Press

Have you read the papers today?

Skip the headlines (nothing important for us runners there) and head straight for the Sunday Lifestyle portion of Philippine Star. Fellow Happy Feet member and Star columnist, Tanya Lara, features recently held races Milo Marathon, Feati, and Mommy Milkshake.  (Thanks Tanya!)


Jump over to Page H-3 and you’ll find my big sis and I there…(That sister of mine is my next target running recruit. Ssssh! As for the hubby, mission accomplished!)


This is the one I am most proud of: TBR on yet another special mention in the papers. (Click here for TBR’s “press debut”.) I just love it when TBR gets more attention than little ol’ Jaymie does.