Pringles is Pushing Through

Saturday, 17 May 2008  |  Race Announcements

I’m guessing that half of you visiting the blog today have this question in mind: “Tuloy ba ang Pringles?!” followed by a nervous glimpse at the gray skies and strong winds hitting the metro.

The answer is: As of 11am Saturday, YES, the Pringles race is pushing through tomorrow!

Thanks to Marga of Transition Zero for forwarding this SMS from Jaime Endaya of P&G: “Our race organizers are tracking the course of the typhoon and we’re expecting the storm to be out by 3am tomorrow. Should be a short and fun race tomorrow.”

Argh, I envy you for racing Pringles. I wish I had signed up. Oh well, have a good one. I shall see you at Doc Fit instead.