Green or Blue Singlet?

Friday, 11 July 2008  |  Bullish Insights

Are you wearing GREEN or BLUE at the One La Salle race this coming Sunday?  

Most of the runners will definitely be sporting the green singlet accompanying the race bib.  But—all in the spirit of fun—some of us Ateneans are planning to wear blue.  

Now, to my La Sallite friends (or is it, La Sallian?) please don’t find offense in this.  It is not meant to be disrespectful either.  We just want to express our fierce loyalty towards our own alma mater.

Unfortunately, I have been through every sports store in the South searching for a blue singlet but to no avail. I was tempted to purchase those Adidas school jackets but my thriftiness ruled over me. (So much for fierce loyalty, eh?)  I’ll probably have to wear my aqua, white, or black singlet then.  Anything—as long as it’s not green heehee. 

Running with me on Sunday are my husband (a neutral guy because he was schooled abroad)—and hopefully (because he doesn’t have a race bib yet) my 17-year-old star athlete nephew.  This nephew of mine was pulled out from Bacolod and given a full scholarship to play basketball for La Salle Greenhills. He’s going to be the first Pinoy NBA player—in all of our dreams!  I’m pretty sure we’ll be eating his dust on Sunday even if he’s never raced a day in his life.

For now, this proud Aunt shall leave you with a basketball video of her not-so-little nephew.  See you on race day!


– video courtesy of Gary Villanueva