My Last Post on Takbo Bayani

Wednesday, 6 August 2008  |  Race Announcements

Last night, I received a series of senseless comments posted on the two posts I published regarding the Takbo Bayani race.  The commenter created fake email addresses such as or just to send comments which meant absolutely nothing.  There were six of them but they basically looked like this:

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Why was I sent this?  Who was this from and what was the point?  I have no idea.  Am I being attacked by a Bayani Fernando loyalist or a disgruntled reader?  Hmmm…your guess is as good as mine.

My question is: WHY?  All I questioned was the exclusion of women in the half marathon. A move which was and forever will be admonished by decent and right-minded citizens of this world.  And, by discussing the issue in the blog, I would think that it helped to raise awareness and move the race organizers to correct their mistake while it was still early.  Something the organizers did yesterday.  (A very wise decision!)

I wish that the person using his/her Smart Bro account with the IP address from Cainta, Rizal had just voiced his/her opinion on the matter in the proper way with just a single comment. That way I could respond properly.  Honestly, what would I do with six sets of jumbled letters except throw them in my virtual trash bin?!

Anyhow, I’m moving on. The issue has been fixed and the race is pushing through with women participating in all distances.  Below is the registration form and race route in case you’re interested in joining…

Click here to download registration form.

Race Route for 5k


Race Route for 10k/ 21k

BayaniRACE ROUTE 10k & 21k
* Thanks to RunMD for the warning!  And to Bards for the info.