Nike+ Human Race – Part 2

Monday, 1 September 2008  |  Race Reports

This race was truly one of the more memorable races. Yes, I was happy about my performance. Plus, the race was perfectly organized; one of the best races I’ve attended—from the banana and ensaymadas at stations to overflowing water to the challenging race route to lots of race marshalls to giveaways (photovendo pics, finishers bracelets, Men’s Health magazine, Nike socks)—everything was perfect. (Congrats Coach Rio!)

But, it was also a race where the participants made it even more enjoyable. I was glad to have met most of the readers who had joined my TBR Race for the Nike+ SportsBand plus other runners in the community.┬áIt’s funny but I couldn’t have been more wrong about how CougCat or Bugobugo would look in real life.

After the Nike race, I learned that…

Patrick‘s bodyguard/driver is a budding photographer

…Bugobugo is one of the few fortunate running souls who enjoys high altitude training

Mukhang Guilty gives a tight handshake (parang di napagod sa 10k)

…Ever and Allyn won SportsBands at my blog and Ben’s, respectively. And, they’re husband and wife!

…Vince won’t be an active achiever anymore

Bards is not just a great runner but a good dancer too

RunMD starts fasting for ramadan today. He’ll be fasting from races too

DATC looks different in running attire compared to his preppy look the first time we met

Prometheus Cometh did a great job as race volunteer. He made distributing free socks look more fun than running the race

…in 10 years, Cougcat will be one of the country’s fastest runners

Coach Rio always looks calm under pressure (I always wondered if his hair would straighten out with all the stress he goes through in each race…apparently not.)


– with Patrick, Vince, Marvs, and JunC. –


– Running Bloggers: Bards, DATC, and RunMD


– with Baguio boy, Bugobugo –


– with Ever & Allyn –


– with adorable CougCat and his supportive parents –