Running Aid 3 Report

Friday, 10 October 2008  |  Bullish Insights

Once again, runners of all shapes, sizes, and experiences flocked to ROX last night for Running Aid 3 led by speakers Neville Manaois, team principal of Pinoy Ultra Runners, and Dr. Paolo Punsalan, Orthopedic Surgeon and member of Pinoy Ultra runners.


– The crowd keeps getting bigger –


– Neville Manaois discusses form –

As inĀ Running Aid 2, Dr. Punsalan discussed proper form and technique. This time, however, Pinoy Ultra Runners effectively demonstrated gait and formĀ using two treadmills on stage. Dr. Punsalan also provided free analysis for runners who wanted their running form critiqued in front of the audience’s discerning eyes.

I made the big mistake of showing up in full running gear as I had run 7k around Bonifacio High Street prior to the talk. Pinoy Ultra Runner Jeremy basically volunteered for me and pushed me onto the treadmill where I ran—much like an experimental hamster observed by scientists—while being interviewed by the good doctor about my form and previous injuries. Notice that I called him the “good doctor”; well, that’s because he didn’t have anything bad to say about my form. Phew, phew, pheeew!


– Trying not to make a fool of myself –

Neville Manaois covered a new topic: Troubleshooting, which was very informative as he discussed exactly what to do when little hitches such as cramps, sidestitches, etc. creep up during a run. I think I mentioned before that I enjoy Neville’s talks because most of his tips aren’t picked up from a book or the web but are gleaned from his experiences out there on the roads and trails.

Again, congratulations to Pinoy Ultra Runners for yet another successful gathering. More power to you guys.


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* All photos courtesy of Second Wind. Click here for more photos. Thanks Hector!