Clark Marathon in Feb 2009?

Wednesday, 19 November 2008  |  Race Announcements

Just as most of us are almost drowning in our own sorrow over the postponement of QC Marathon, Atty. Jon from Clark comes in and brings us a shimmer of hope.  Read his comment as written in my QC Marathon post…

Hi fellow runners. I am the Team Captain of Team Clark based here in Clark.

We are coordinating with the Clark Development Corporation (CDC) (where we work at) and other groups/sponsors to continue the 2nd Clark International Marathon with or without the Kenyans (no pun intended). Some sponsors have expressed willingness and support for this race. I hope things will pan out and the clamor for 42k, 21k & 10k races in February will prevail over annoying hindrances.

We will do our best to hold this race most likely by February since January is too soon (it will be January again in 2010 due to cold weather) and even if we (the Team Clark members) don’t run ourselves just so our fellow runners like you would run and enjoy their first 42k or half marathon for that matter.

We will depart from the usual flat route for the 42K and will venture out the Clark Freeport Zone into an area which we call the “Sacobia”, the Next Frontier as aptly called by the new P/CEO Ricafort of CDC (he was there during the NB Power Race 2008). Hilly but manageable terrains and good scenic views in smog-free environment. Believe me we have so many good plans. One of which is finisher’s medal you can proudly hang in your car, office or room.

Like most of you, we are really hoping for a full marathon in February 2009 after the Singapore Marathon in December 7, 2008 (I hope all of us Pinoys will get to see each other in Singapore after the run, say congregate in one area. Maybe TBR can announce a place for this ) as a good long run for the Bataan Death March Ultra-marathon courtesy of Bald Runner or rumor has it, the 2nd North Face Ultra-marathon.

Please pray for and wish us all the luck.

Folks, it is about time we “institutionalize” an annual prestigous marathon here in the Philippines in the likes of Boston, New York, Singapore or HK marathons. Long shot but definitely possible.

The first step is we form and incorporate an organization of runners and other athletes that will concentrate on this endeavor and carry on the legacy from this year henceforth.

Kaya natin yan!

Atty. Jon, thank you for the info.  We do hope Clark Marathon pushes through in February 2009 and more sponsors (ehem ehem) come in to support your endeavor.  I’m sure a lot of us “displaced” runners will consider joining this, myself included.  More power!