10 Reasons Why You Should NOT Join Run For Home

Wednesday, 24 June 2009  |  Race Announcements

I was invited to the press conference for Run For Home, Globe-Ayala City Run For Habitat for Humanity slated for July 19, 2009 last night.  Speakers included Angelo from Globe and Vince Mendoza and Coach Rio de la Cruz from Finish Line.  

– Globe Team –

I took down notes and came up with the following reasons why you should NOT join this race:

  1. Disposable champion chips will be used for all race distances.  No need to squeeze into crowded assembly areas and crawl your way to the front line.  Your time starts when you cross the starting line, not when the gun fires, so it doesn’t matter if you start a few seconds or minutes late.  See, there’s no reward for being an early bird at this race.
  2. You can’t use thirst or dehydration as an excuse for your slow time at this race.  For the 21km, Coach Rio said that he plans to have water stations at every kilometer.  Sponges will be available too.
  3. The race course includes Ayala Avenue, an area that is rarely used in races, and will turn around Ayala Triangle.  If you’re a regular racer, you’ve memorized all the bumps, humps, and cracks on the usual race roads of Bonifacio Global City, so running in this new uncharted territory may be quite a challenge for you.
  4. There will be live microblogging (Twitter and Plurk) during the race.  Everyone—even non-running friends and relatives—will get live updates on your run.  Pressure!
  5. Results will be provided with RunPix, the exact program used at the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon last year.  (Click here to get a visual)  So, you’ll know how many runners outpaced you, exactly where you were when the first runner crossed the finish line, your place among all the other finishers, or—if you’re male—your worst nightmare yet: how many women finished ahead of you.  Are you ready to face the truth?
  6. PixLink and Tattoo blogging at the race area may be too entertaining and you forget to run.
  7. You’ll have a memorabilia of the race depicting a drenched and exhausted version of you when you claim your FREE race photo available for download at PhotoVendo.  
  8. The scrumptious food at the bazaar ala Salcedo Market after the race will make you gain back all the calories you lost during the run.
  9. 6,500 runners are expected to show up.  More people to chase after.
  10. This race promises to be one of the best races ever held in Manila.  If the organizers are successful at pulling this off, then all other races you’ll join in the future will pale in comparison.

I’ve registered for the 21km already.  I’m ready to take all the risks I’ve mentioned above if only to experience this one-of-a-kind, well-planned event.

REGISTRATION AREAS (only until JULY 3, 2009):
– all Globe business centers
– all Fitness First branches (Metro Manila)
– Runnr, Bonifacio High Street
– online at www.globe.com.ph/runforhome

– Vince of Finish Line –

– Vince, Jay, Vimz, Coach Rio, myself, Raymund, Taki, Marga, Dingdong, and Jun –