On Sick Leave

Thursday, 18 June 2009  |  Bullish Insights

I thought I was giving birth yesterday.  From 6am to 12nn, I was suffering from extreme stomach pain accompanied by high fever, vomiting, and diarrhea.  The hubby took the kids to school, but I called him a little before lunch begging him to take me to the E.R. I didn’t know how much longer I could endure the pain.  

By the time he got home, I was in fetal position and could barely move.  It took me a full 30 minutes to get dressed.  The only time I managed to smile was when the hubby tried to carry me out of the bed and down the stairs.  He almost broke his back and dropped me back onto the bed.  I literally crawled down our stairs and slithered like a snake towards our garage door.

I was wheeled into the emergency room of Asian and brought directly to the patient’s rooms.  There, the doctor checked me and declared that I suffered from gastroenteritis which triggered a severe case of hyperacidity.  He asked me to stick my tongue out and discovered that I was already dehydrated.  After a stool exam, it was discovered I had slight amoebiasis too. (A friend says the latter may have been from the green water at DLSZ pool…kidding!)

They fed me medicine via IV and tablets as well.  I fell asleep for a couple of hours while the hubby waited patiently by my side.  When I awoke, the pain had subsided.  Thank God!

The doctor ordered me to drink a lot of Gatorade (which I fortunately have tons of at home) and continue taking paracetamol and other medicines.  For now, I’m on rest mode.  All the work (which are plenty, I tell you) will have to wait while I recover and regain my strength.

No running nor gym training for now.  I’ll probably sleep in on Sunday and pass on Men’s Health too.  Rest and recovery are top priority for the next few days.