Tuesday, 14 July 2009  |  Bullish Insights

I’m in high spirits today.  Work had been overwhelming and exhausting the past week, but since I submitted everything this morning, I felt a huge burden was lifted off my shoulders.  I plan to block my entire week only for light meetings, absolutely no design projects, and lots and lots of running.

Perfect timing since my bestest running buddy Annie just arrived from Singapore today.  Woohoo!  We’ll definitely be running all over the place—from our favorite training grounds to the Run for Home half marathon this coming Sunday.  I’m so psyched.

It seems that nothing can faze me.  Even this comment attacking me for my post on the One La Salle post (which was over a year ago!) didn’t bother me; in fact, it was wonderful entertainment.  This  “bitch” (she called herself that, not me) who seems to have nothing in between her two ears posted this:

Author: Bitch in Disguise (IP: ,

ang corny mo naman! papansin ka lang. masyado kang disrespectful! kung gusto mo magblue, then don’t join the La Salle race.

To think that I had written this in my post:

Now, to my La Sallite friends (or is it, La Sallian?) please don’t find offense in this.  It is not meant to be disrespectful either.  We just want to express our fierce loyalty towards our own alma mater.  (Click here for full post)

Ack…some people.  I find it ironic that 1) she finds me corny, but she read my blog and  2) she said I’m disrespectful when she’s the one being offensive.  Is this girl even a runner?  We runners have more respect towards each other than this girl will ever fathom.  If she is a runner, then she must be having an awful day.  She probably found five dead toe nails when she removed her shoes, or she has an injury, or maybe she was forced to cut her run short due to a bad case of diarrhea.  Whatever.  

To Bitch in Disguise:  I find humor in this, really.  Maybe you should try getting a sense of humor, too. By the way, I’m okay with this for now.  But, don’t you cross my path in a race.  This Bull has got horns, too.

Uhm…where was I?  Oh, about my overall happy feeling. Yup, it’s a good day and I look forward to a great training week ahead.

See you later, beeyatches!