Forgetful Jones

Tuesday, 28 July 2009  |  Bullish Insights

My sister and i often joke about how forgetful we’ve become ever since we were injected with anesthesia during our children’s births. We forget a story midway through a conversation, we leave one or two items more often than we would like to admit, and we even forget about our own age sometimes!

Years ago, I labelled my sister as “Forgetful Jones,” that brown-haired cowboy in Sesame Street who can’t remember a thing. But, this morning, I would have to admit that I deserved that name more than she does.

I thought I was all set for my 9 a.m. run this morning. But, on the way to my run, I realized I left my hydration belt and heart rate strap at home. No worries, I thought. When I reached my starting point, I wanted to take a couple of sips of Gatorade as I always do before proceeding to run, but I realized it was left in the freezer to chill. No water bottle either! So, I took a small sip from my little girl’s sippy cup instead.  I searched my bag for my ipod but I realized that I left the earphones stuck to my laptop since I used it to listen to Run Radio’s podcast last night. Luckily, the hubby had just returned from his run, so I borrowed his earphones. As I proceeded to run, my ipod failed to start because I forgot to charge it. I turned on my Garmin and discovered it was low batt as well. I completely forgot to recharge it after I rebooted it to fix its problems last night.

I seriously thought these were ominous signs. Was God telling me not to proceed with the run? That I may possibly trip over a rock, sprain my ankle, or get struck by lightning?  I set these gloomy thoughts aside, said a short prayer, and went off to run.

My program said I should run an easy 5k at 7 min/km pace, so that’s what I planned on doing. Like a purist runner, I ran through the roads soaking in every sight and sound sans the ipod and Garmin to distract me from the beauty of my surroundings. With the pace much slower than even my usual slow runs, I felt more relaxed as I fully let go of all the concerns of the day and allowed my mind to wander aimlessly.  Initially, I was off to a bad start with all the gear I left behind, but ironically, this was one of the best runs I’d had in months.

For the first time in weeks, I was able to enjoy a run the way it was meant to be savoured, like a glass of wine or a first kiss. Completely lost in my running revelry, this Forgetful Jones started remembering how it was to run in the early days. I recalled how I ran with just P100 shorts from SM, a cotton shirt, and a bottle of Astring-o-Sol filled with water for hydration without a care in the world about all my gear, when all I followed was the time and a 1-hour run was worthy of a big celebration, when the running community was so small and almost everyone was a friend. Everything was so plain and simple then.  How things had changed. How I missed those good ol’ days—and how I missed these kinds of runs.

By the time I made my way back, I had finished 7k at an easy 7 min/km pace according to my Nike+ Sportsband. I’m not superstitious, but those two coincidental 7’s, plus an awesome, invigorating run like that, made me feel like I could take on the world.