What’s in Your Bag?

Wednesday, 29 July 2009  |  Gear + Gadgets

Having left a ton of stuff before yesterday‘s run, I thought I’d prepare a Running Checklist to avoid little mishaps in the future and to help newbie runners determine what to dump (or remove) from their bags before a workout. Below is a detailed list of what I personally have in my gym bag. Feel free to customize as you deem fit (especially the men hehe):

  1. ipod shuffle
  2. sports watch (my husband’s Timex or Nike+ Sportsband). Garmin Forerunner 305 is worn on my wrist already.
  3. Amphipod hydration belt with 1 to 3 bottles depending on the distance.  1-2 bottles filled with Gatorade, 1 bottle water.
  4. Garmin heart rate monitor chest strap
  5. cap (if I’m not wearing one yet)
  6. Body Glide to prevent chafing
  7. bottle of water
  8. Gatorade (currently loving Tiger which has 25% more electrolytes)
  9. 2 Hammer espresso or chocolate gels
  10. 1 pack Nature Valley granola bar – peanut butter or plain
  11. 1 pack Sports Beans
  12. 1 pack Skyflakes/ Graham crackers
  13. 2 sets of sports wear (shirt/ singlet, shorts/ leggings)
  14. 2 sports bras
  15. 1 pair of socks (Nike, Runnr, or Burlington. Stopped wearing Thorlos a few months ago after it gave me terrible blisters)
  16. 1 set of casual attire (if necessary)
  17. Betula slippers (better than flipflops since it has the same technology as Birkenstocks. Good arch support)
  18. Toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, Block & White deodorant powder which is the best thing after a run, panty shields, etc.)
  19. Band aid
  20. Hair brush, extra Goody no slip ponytail holder, headband, gel
  21. 1 medium towel, 1 face towel (After a run, I soak the face towel with water and use it on my entire body. Use the medium towel to dry up.)
  22. 1 small pack tissue
  23. Gold’s Gym membership card, gym schedule
  24. P200 cash for emergencies
  25. Camera (for a race)
  26. Cellphone
  27. couple of TBR magazines in case I bump into a friend/ fellow runner
  28. Runner’s World magazine