Perfect Saturday Run

Tuesday, 4 August 2009  |  Bullish Insights

Last Saturday, Hubby and I woke up early in the morning eager to get dressed for our date. That’s a date for a long, slow run with running friends, that is.

Plan was to meet our good friend, Kim, at Forbes Park together with our other running friends, Jun & Mariel (The Solemates), Ben Chan (Photographer on the Run), and Vince of Finish Line.

The rain was pouring outside, but a quick text to everyone confirmed what I had known even before I got out of bed. Rain or shine, this run was pushing through. We were all crazy running addicts who would not let the rain stop us from getting our fix. Secretly, I bet half of us were looking forward to getting our feet wet (no pun intended).

By 6:45 a.m., we were all at Kim’s place ready to go. Jonel (Bugobugo) had decided to join us at the last minute. He had actually ran all the way to Kim’s place!

We started running without a plan which, in hindsight, made the run more enjoyable. There was no target pace nor distance. Most of us didn’t know where we were headed as Kim would only yell left or right to those who led the group.

We ran at a slow pace, around 7 min/km, all the way. Under the cool, cloudy weather, we ran out of South Forbes and into North Forbes then entered Dasmarinas and headed back to South Forbes again. There was a lot of talk and laughter, the kind that makes you go on and on without realizing how far or how long you’ve been running. We stopped once to hydrate with Gatorade, take in some Hammer gels, run to the little ladies’ room, and went off to run again. ¬†True enough, when we ended the run, we clocked in at 1 hour 53 minutes for a 15km long, slow run.

– with my running idol and host, Kim –¬†

As we cooled down and stretched on the road near our cars, Kim welcomed us into her home. She took us straight from the garage into her swimming pool and invited us in. One by one, still in our running apparel, we entered the pool—some hesitating (such as my hubby) while others were easier to persuade (such as Ben who dove right in). We stretched in the pool, allowed our tired muscles to recover from the run, and laughed and talked some more.

– Best cool down ever! –

Several minutes later and after hot showers for each one of us, a runners’ breakfast greeted us in the dining area. Crisp bacon, omelets and fried eggs, whole wheat bread and rice, plus hot brewed coffee were laid out for us to devour. We enjoyed the meal over more conversation, so much so that by the time we left, it was lunch time already!


What a great way to spend a Saturday. Thank you Kim for our little runners’ get together. Until the next time!