Last Call for 2010 Condura Race Wishes

Monday, 9 November 2009  |  Race Announcements

Ton Concepcion of Condura is asking for any more suggestions for Condura Race 2010.  He gave me a sneak peek into what they’ve planned so far, and let me tell you that I think they’ve got everything (and more!) covered.  But, if there are still some items you’d like to share from your “Marathon Wish List,” for the race and pre- and  post-race events, share it now and Ton says that they’ll try their best to make our marathon dreams come true on Feb. 7, 2010.

As for my Marathon Wish List, I just have two requests:

  1. Well-organized race (from redemption of race packets to leaving the parking lot after the race!)
  2. Marc Nelson to run alongside me throughout the entire marathon

Okay, fine. You can skip No. 2. Just give me No. 1 and I’ll be a happy camper.  All those below would be great too:

  1. Carboloading party for 42k runners Friday before the race
  2. Quality race singlets
  3. Race bibs with runners’ names on them
  4. Pace groups
  5. Bananas, gels, and sponges at stations
  6. COLD Gatorade and mineral water at stations with long tables
  7. Portalets along the route
  8. Timing chip with RunPix analysis
  9. Free race photos from PhotoVendo 
  10. Pleasant and knowledgeable race volunteers and marshals (believe me, this makes a big difference when one is exhausted)
  11. Entertainment at every other kilometer (e.g., Marc Nelson yelling me name)
  12. Nice, heavy, unique medals
  13. Additional singlets only for 42k finishers
  14. Food after the race
  15. Free massage after the race

For now that’s it. I’m sure I’ll think of more.

Feel free to list your own requests by commenting below.  Ton will definitely read it.