Condura Run 2010

Monday, 8 February 2010  |  Race Reports

DETAILS: 7 February 2010, Sunday
ORGANIZERS: Condura and Rudy Biscocho

RATING: Very Good

5 TBR medals – Excellent | 4 TBR Medals – Very Good | 3 TBR Medals – Average |

2 TBR Medals – Poor| 1 TBR Medal – Terrible


  • Only race on the Skyway. 42k runners went as far as the Bicutan exit.
  • Condura Hill, Condura’s own version of Boston’s Heartbreak hill on the Skyway heading towards Villamor, was a great idea; it provided a scenic view of the city while runners trudged up the hill
  • Abundant supply of water and 100 Plus at stations. Cups were readily filled with fluids and prepared on long tables. Marshals were on standby handing out water to runners.
  • Traffic was well-managed
  • Water shower from the tank. I personally avoid this, but I’m sure it was well appreciated by runners
  • Sponges at two points during the race
  • LCD screen and fireworks at the race start
  • Plenty portalets at the race start and some on Buendia
  • Distance was 42.5, not perfect but good enough
  • Quick and easy redemption. Start of Day 1 was troublesome but with more tents and manpower deployed the redemption problem was solved
  • Philstar supplement with details about the race included in the race kit
  • Organizers kept the runners well informed regarding the route and weather in the days leading up to the race
  • Cotton shirts now had better fit and design
  • Immediate release of race results for 42k, 21k, and 10k (Click HERE to view CONDURA RUN 2010 RACE RESULTS)


  • Lack of kilometer markers.  Some were off
  • Unlit roads for 42k runners at Bayani Road. It was pitch black!
  • Friends informed me that 21k was actually 21.8k
  • Oversight on the missing barcode for the race bib but this was quickly addressed
  • Entertainment was a wonderful treat, but the bands lacked enthusiasm.  Band members barely smiled. On Condura Hill, half the band members were asleep!
  • No medals for some runners as I was informed that the medals were “stolen” and later found near the trash. Condura promises to mail medals to those who didn’t receive. For inquiries, email

For the past couple of years, Condura Run has always been one of the most anticipated races of the year.  This year was no different with 8,500 runners registered for the race.  Condura running brothers Patrick and Ton Concepcion with race organizer Rudy Biscocho left no stone unturned in trying to give the runners the race they wanted.

How did they fare?  It was a good race with no major issues.  There were a few road bumps but it turned out fairly well with majority of runners enjoying the overall race experience.

Having said that, if Condura Run hopes to remain as one of the best races in the country, it must step up its offerings next year and inject newer, fresher ideas to compete with world-class local races that runners will definitely see this year.

Hats off to brothers Ton and Patrick Concepcion and the entire team!  I was a witness to how you all worked so hard to make this event the best for runners. Congratulations for putting up a wonderful event!



My coach-friend Alvin and I had discussed our Condura Run strategy over a hundred times during training runs. But, for some reason, I couldn’t recall exactly what we agreed on.  Perhaps it’s because, no matter what anyone says, I listen to my own body and run based on how I feel.

For the Condura Run, Alvin was supposed to pace me all the way.  Unfortunately, he didn’t know that the race start was at 4 a.m.

– with Team Secondwind –


– with good friend Jay and his burger conveniently stashed in his race belt –

– Fireworks before the race start –

When the gun went off, I found myself running alongside Jay (Prometheus Cometh) who is currently deep in training for Bataan Death March 102km.  He obviously had no plans of running fast that morning while he chomped down on his sumptuous burger as we crossed the starting line.

Shortly after, I found myself running alone.  And, without Alvin there, I thought I could implement my race strategy that he hated (as I’m sure many of you will not agree with as well.)  My plan was to run the first half full blast, no holds barred.  Then, with plenty of time saved in the bank, I could run-walk the last half of the race to reach my goal time of 4:30. Positive splits, baby!


I ran full speed ahead knowing full well that I was risking a lot.  I could suffer cramps or bonk by the latter half.  But, in the back of my mind, based on my training runs, I was also pretty confident that I could reach 32k without any worries.  As for the last 10k, that was like the twilight zone.

The first half was magical.  At certain moments, especially on the Skyway, I felt like I was in a complete trance.  My gaze was fixed on nothing and everything, my body was relaxed, and my thoughts focused solely on my footsteps.  It was here that I practiced what I learned at Chi running by just allowing my body to fall forward with gravity.  I felt like the Energizer Bunny on caffeine overdose.

My time for the 1st half: 1.58.  First time I did a sub-2!  I beat my Cebu Half Marathon PR of 2:01.


At the 21k turnaround, Alvin appeared from nowhere yelling: “You are going too fast!”  I smiled and shouted back: “I know!” and I pushed forward.  He caught up with me and paced me all the way till the end.

My favorite part of the race was Condura Hill at around 27km.  This was also where Alvin and I just decided to walk up the hill than suffer climbing it. The view from the top was breathtaking.  While the sight of Metro Manila was beautiful in the morning, it was seeing the runners on the Skyway below, all lined up like little working ants, that truly amazed me.

After Condura Hill, we started employing my run-walk strategy.  My legs were tightening up and I knew my heart rate had increased.  We laughed and chatted while walking, completely confident that with all the time I had saved from the 1st half we could reach my 4:30 goal.


As luck would have it, the last stretch of the course took Alvin and I through our usual training ground.  Alvin told me that we couldn’t possibly mess it up as “We own that route!” Yeah right.

My legs had turned to lead and I was so exhausted that, in the last uphill climb, we just had to walk.  I tried to forget the fact that we had ran that ascent a couple of times at 5 min pace.

When the road went flat, I trailed Alvin from behind as he sped up. I followed him all the way to the finish line.

My official time for 42.53 km was 4:24:39, 6 mins ahead of my 4:30 goal.  And, a whopping 25 minutes ahead of my time at Singapore Marathon.

– Sprint to do a sub-4:25! Thanks to Natz (I2Runner) for the photo –

– To Alvin, my coach-friend, I could never have done this without you!  Thank you for pushing me to run faster or longer! –

– with best running buddy Annie who flew in from Singapore. She’s in pain here. Crazy girl ran the full with injury! –

– with Francis and Marge from CDO. Nice meeting you both! –

– with fun group Pace Partners. Congrats to April Lee for finishing her first marathon! –

– Runners resting after the race. Nice background, don’t you think?! –

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