Cough, Cough Away

Friday, 23 April 2010  |  Bullish Insights

So my son’s cough and cold virus has attacked me too.


Two days ago, I woke up with an itchy throat. My solution? An early morning 10k run at 5:50 min/km pace.

I felt great when I got home, but by afternoon, the cough had worsened. And, worse, my nose was congested.


I had a morning appointment with my trainer for strength training at the gym.  I peeled myself off the bed, added two packs of tissue in my gym bag, and crawled my way up to the 2nd floor of the gym.  I attempted to finish 10 minutes of my warm up on the elliptical only to have my gym trainer send me home.  “Get out of here and get some rest” he said warmly, then he said “baka mahawa din kasi ako sa yo eh!” with a laugh.

I thought it best to stay home and avoid spreading this nasty virus.  But, I had hopes that it would be gone by noon time.

Coach Jim’s wife, Susan, had invited me for a run the following day, and I confirmed with her optimistic that I would be back in the pink of health by this morning.


Nope, my combination of prayers, OJ, and double dose of vitamin C wasn’t enough to scare the cough and colds away.  I had to pass on the morning run with Susan or any other form of exercise today.  Thus, my eyebrows are glued together and I haven’t even smiled since I got out of bed.

By tomorrow, I expect to be back in fighting form for Greenfield Sunset Run. Hopefully by then, I can greet you with a smile.  Sniff sniff. Cough cough.