Monday, 3 May 2010  |  Running + Triathlon

So, the TBR Dream Marathoners should have run their most crucial long run yesterday.  Many of us ran at NUVALI together (click HERE to view how much fun we had there),  but the heat was so intense by 7 a.m. that some runners fell short of their goal distance or time.

We all know they shouldn’t run that distance next week, two weeks to marathon day, when they should be tapering already.  What do they do now?  Or, what about runners who, due to some unforeseen circumstance such as illness or an event, missed out on their long run?

I called Coach Jim Lafferty last night to get some expert advice.  And, he sent me a file to email to our exclusive TBR DREAM MARATHONERS Group.  For this one, however, I thought it best to share with all of you since it may help you with training.

The letter is all about BACK TO BACK HARD DAYS, which as Coach Jim says is “a training technique created for the Comrades Marathon in South Africa (89 Kilometers, and frankly I believe the hardest race in the world as it has a 12 hour time limit and crosses 4 major climbs)” and developed by Dr. Tim Noakes.

This makes for a great read.  Download the PDF file by clicking on this link: TBR_MISSED YOUR LONG RUN.