Milo Marathon Website is Up

Monday, 14 June 2010  |  Bullish Insights

Woah, Milo is pulling out all the stops to hype up the upcoming marathon on July 4, 2010. To be honest with you, it’s working for me!

As a graphic designer, I’m a sucker for well thought out and creative concepts, even more for incredible and eye-catching designs. If you’ve got both, plus the budget to have the world see it, then that’s wonderful.

I posted the Milo Marathon poster last week.  Click HERE to view.  Notice how the two posters are related?!  Awesome.

Only yesterday, their website was launched as well…

– Click HERE to visit Milo Marathon website –

– What a pleasant surprise. They asked me to write a short note and I found it posted on the website

I vote for Milo Marathon website as the best race website so far.  Followed closely by Condura Run 2010.  Any other good ones you liked?


And, they have a TV ad, too!  Love how the TV ad tugs at your heart strings.  One can actually feel good just registering for the race knowing that you’re giving shoes to school children by running.

I registered last week for Milo half marathon and training has officially begun! (If you read my post last week about slowing down, whoops, disregard it.  I knew I couldn’t stop running for too long.  Perhaps many of you knew that, too!)  Milo, here I come!


I think it’s great that Milo Marathon is showing an attempt to innovate not just with the promotion of the race, but with the race itself.  Last year, they implemented timing chips.  This year, they have qualifying times per age category.  And, F-I-N-A-L-L-Y we all don’t have to travel all the way to Greenhills to register!

Last year, pleased with the Milo Marathon Finals, I had this to say about Milo “You can teach an old dog new tricks.”  I believe I was right.  Perhaps by July 2010, I may just call them “The new old kid on the block.”

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