Runner Dies at Kuala Lumpur Marathon

Monday, 28 June 2010  |  Bullish Insights

This is tragic news.

Click HERE to read the article on The Malay Mail.

One of the Pace Partners I met during the KL trip, Armi, mentioned that she met a young male runner at the 10k who asked for directions on the course. She replied to him and he thanked her. She told him “See you after the race.” and he sped off. She says he was strong and fast. Shortly after, Armi was shocked to see him lying in a stretcher being carried into an ambulance.

I’m not sure if this is the man she was talking about. But, it’s just frightening how, in a split second, one’s life can be taken away. I’m certain none of us signing up for a 10k—heck even a 42k—even thinks this could happen to us. But, it can.

Stories like these simply remind us all to always practice caution when we run. Whether we signed up for a 10k or a 42k, or even if we’re just going on a training run, it’s important to ensure that we are physically fit (get a doctor’s clearance if necessary), we are eating properly, and that we know when to stop if something feels amiss.

It’s also a reminder to race organizers to have medical assistance at all times and at key areas of the race for quick response.

Careful on the road, guys!