Love Thyself

Tuesday, 14 February 2012  |  Bullish Insights

Just ran a tough 10k up and down a hilly course this morning. After 8 months of absolutely no speedwork due to injury and subsequently an 8-pound weight gain, I’ve spent the past weeks savoring every minute of my solo run where I push hard until my lungs want to explode out of my chest and then push some more.  I love it.  That, my friends, is how I practiced self love this morning.  And, that’s how I celebrated Valentine’s Day today.  (Well, after the hubby and I exchanged greetings, of course, and I opened up the little gift he gave me!)

So, this Valentine’s Day, I encourage you to spend some time loving yourself, too.  It’s not being narcissistic or selfish; it’s about giving love to someone who deserves it and usually spends 364 days of the year caring for others.

Run alone just the way you want it.  Challenge your mind and your body.  Try out that new recipe you never had time for.  Buy the gear you’ve been pining for all month. Say a prayer.  Run more. Walk faster. Run slower. Rest.  Last but not the least, if you received chocolates this morning, indulge.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

Sorry I’m not in a cheesy mood today, but if you wanna feel all soft and mushy inside, you may wanna read one of my favorite posts again: Date a Girl Who Runs.