Pooped…And Loving It!

Monday, 21 January 2013  |  Bullish Insights

What a weekend! Here’s my training weekend in pics:

SATURDAY: 80k cool and windy (brrr!) ride in Nuvali

– with Jun aka Tatang, Lit, Tristan Choa, and Leanna Carmona. Missing in pic: Ge and Gem! –

SUNDAY: killer 21k run

– with Tatang, Rico, Bambi, Ton, and Edwin  –

The training was challenging and exhausting. But, for some reason, I felt more alive and invigorated after each workout. Is this a sign that I’m getting stronger? Or that I’m just really nuts now? Maybe both.

Last night, while the kids were out with the hubby, I had a massage to loosen up the muscles and allow my tired body to recover. I was definitely pooped!

When I heard them arrive, I snuck under our bed with the master plan of surprising both kids when they entered the room. (Yes, we’re crazy like that!) I waited for a full 10 minutes under there. Unfortunately, my kids are too smart. They entered the room and found me almost immediately. I was advised by Little Miss Bull Runner that, if I should ever attempt this again, I should hide in the far end of the bed so as not to get caught. (Smarty pants!)

Even before I could whine over my failed attempt, my clever kids pointed at the floor and said our dog Cosmo had pooped under the bed exactly where I was hiding. I checked it out and—gasp!—there it was, long brown poop!

– Poop! –

I wanted to scream. I checked my clothes if any poop had gone on it. I wanted to bathe. Honestly, I wanted to puke.

The kids were laughing hysterically. (This was NOT funny!)

Right before I jumped into the shower, my son grabs the poop and lifts it up on his palm. IT WAS FAKE!  I was freaking out over a wet, brown paper bag rolled up to look like poop!

Waaah. It was bad enough I was pooped over the weekend, then I had to get poop pranked too.

To my kids: I’ll get you next time!