Why Every Runner Should Be Doing Yoga

Sunday, 28 June 2015  |  Running + Triathlon

IMG_3130– My Hot Flow Yoga session at Fitness First –

This June has been tough for me.  After finally accepting that I was burnt out, I forced myself to go on rest and recovery mode.  I only ran 3 easy 5k runs the past couple of weeks!  Waaah, it’s been hell!  Thankfully, I’ve been able to calm myself down through yoga.  I’ve always been a fan of yoga and I do believe that every runner should take a yoga class at least twice a week.  Read on for the benefits of yoga for runners…


+ improves flexibility and strength helping you run more efficiently and prevent injury

+ enhances balance and coordination

+ helps with weight loss

+ hones mental focus and build mental endurance

+ improves breathing capacity

+ aids in relaxation and calms nerves before a race

+ reduces stress

If you’re new to yoga, go for a trial session at your gym or yoga studio. Some gym and studios also offer beginner’s sessions or gentle classes. There’s also a wide variety of yoga classes that you can choose from. At my gym, Fitness First, they offer Gentle Flow, Core Flow, and Hot Flow. Feel free to practice different types of yoga throughout the week to experience the various benefits it offers to your body.