Saucony Offers Continues Cushioning with Everun

Thursday, 28 April 2016  |  Gear + Gadgets


Saucony officially unveils EVERUN™, its most advanced technology to date highly anticipated by runners everywhere.

“One of the primary objectives in the development of EVERUN™ was to deliver a continuous cushioning experience to runners, combining smoother landings in the heel with reduced pressure in the forefoot.” said Patrick O’Malley, senior vice president of global product for Saucony.

EVERUN has a new Topsole™, a breakthrough construction process that positions the cushioning material closer to the foot, which delivers the same plush feel from the start of a run until the end.


The two key benefits of EVERUN™ are:

1+ Lowers Peak Pressures: EVERUN™’s revolutionary Topsole construction process positions a 3mm layer of Saucony’s revolutionary EVERUN foam material closer to the foot, directly under the footbed, instead of embedding it in the midsole below a layer of rigid cement like other regular shoes. This construction process distributes propulsion force over more area, reducing uncomfortable local peak pressures while delivering a dramatically more lively and responsive ride.


2+ Absorbs Impact: The EVERUN™ Landing Zone and heel insert provide remarkable impact protection, maintaining cushioning properties three times longer than standard EVAs while returning 83% of the energy absorbed, according to research in the Saucony Human Performance and Innovation Lab, a state-of-the-art facility in the US that tests prototypes and does research on runners of all varieties, including the brand’s elite athletes.


Now, in case you don’t know which Saucony shoes with EVERUN technology to try, you may wanna test their back-to-back champs: Triumph ISO 2 and Hurricane ISO 2. Personally, I love the Guide and Ride lines for half marathons and marathons.


The Triumph ISO 2 and Hurricane ISO 2, each won back-to-back prestigious Editor’s Choice Awards in the Runner’s World 2015 Fall Shoe Guide and 2016 Spring Shoe Guide respectively. Featuring Saucony’s EVERUN™ Continuous Cushioning, the brand’s top-of-the-line premium models received the highest marks of the shoes reviewed by the Runner’s World shoe lab, its wear-testers and editors.

Triumph ISO 2

Delivers 83% Energy Return, Cushioning Every Landing, Every Stride Throughout Your Entire Run

“The designers at Saucony didn’t rest on their laurels after the Triumph ISO won our Editor’s Choice award last March,” said the Runner’s World review of the shoe. “In this update, they improved the adaptability of the upper and added liveliness to the ride. A thin layer of Saucony’s new, bouncy EVERUN material lies beneath the insole, while a larger chunk was inserted into the sole under the heel. Our lab confirmed its effectiveness, as the new material raised the shoe’s bounce-back scores from a little above average to the top 10 percent among shoes we’ve tested,” said the review. “A combination of softer cushioning and high energy return is not easy to accomplish,” added Martyn Shorten, Ph.D. and head of the Runner’s World Shoe Lab.

Triumph ISO 2 (Mens) – Blue/Silver/Slime – P6,750
Triumph ISO 2 (Womens) – Blue/Pink – P6,750

Hurricane ISO 2

Combines all of Saucony’s technologies to create a ride that Is comfy, cushioned, responsive and stable

The Hurricane ISO 2, heir to the Hurricane ISO (named “Best Update” by Runner’s World; Summer 2015 Shoe Guide), combines all of Saucony’s technologies to create a ride that is comfy, cushioned, responsive, and stable, said Runner’s World review of the shoe. Testers’ highest praise was reserved for the fit and comfort of the well-padded, two-layer upper that hugs the heel and midfoot while providing plenty of room up front of your toes. New for this version are layers of EVERUN material in the midsole where it cradles your foot as it sinks in and then bounces back as you push off. The new triangle-lugged outsole design improves the shoe’s flexibility, while firmer material under the inside of the heel and arch controls inward rolling.

Hurricane ISO 2 – Red/White/Orange – P6,750