Susan and Kristen Lafferty Run the Antarctica Marathon

Tuesday, 13 March 2012  |  Bullish Insights

There’s a great article on Susan and Kristen Lafferty on Manila Bulletin today about their great adventure: the Artarctica Marathon.  I didn’t see it, but Jim, my co-founder for TBR Dream and Susan’s husband, informed me about it so I, at least, got to read it online.

Lots of inspiring things about this article:

1) They ran 42km in Antarctica! How many people get the chance to do that in their lifetime?

2) Mother and daughter ran it together (Aaaw, this is tugging at my mommy heartstrings. I wish TBR Jr. or Li’l Miss Bull Runner will beg me to do the same later in life.  Maybe, when they’re working already, they can treat ol’ Mom to a free trip to Paris or Big Sur Marathon.)

…and my favorite…

3) Americans Susan and Kristen wore shirts that bore the Philippine flag.  Susan explained: “We are Filipinas. This is where our home is.”

Click HERE to read the article on Manila Bulletin’s website.

TBR Dream Marathon Video: The 22-week Journey to the Marathon by Ripple 100

Friday, 9 March 2012  |  Bullish Insights

Please take the time out to watch this special video showing the 22-week journey our TBR Dream Marathoners have gone through. We met them for the first time in October 2011 to walk for 45 minutes in Bonifacio High Street. In our last Bull Session in NUVALI last February, majority had run the farthest ever in their lives hitting 3 1/2 hours.

Nine days from now, on March 18, 2012, they will run 42.195 km. After they cross that finish line, their lives will never be the same.

View more stories and features of our TBR Dream Marathoners on Click HERE to visit our own page on their site.

Ripple100 is a media and technology company that develops transmedia experiences for high-affinity communities, or tribes. They build networks of online and offline places, activities and events where people can meet members of the tribe, get to know who’s who, discover evolving community narratives, vibe and culture, including an authentic, organic way to interact with brands, products and services who act as tribal allies, not as intrusive advertisers. Ripple100’s mantra is “Stories, Movements. Not Ads”.

TBR Dream Send Off Party: The Best is Yet to Come

Friday, 9 March 2012  |  Bullish Insights

When we said party, we meant parteeeeh! With only 10 days to go until TBR Dream Marathon at NUVALI, we threw a huge TBR Send Off Party for this year’s batch at the Unilab Bayanihan Halls in the Unilab Compound at Kapitolyo last night.

TBR DM Send Off Dinner-6659
– TBR DM Batch 2012! –

TBR DM Send Off Dinner-2227
– Full house! –

TBR DM Send Off Dinner-6692
– with Zeny and Lester of Unilab Active Health and hosts Boy Ramos and Tessa Valdes. Thank you to our Presenter and my partner Unilab Active Health for your full support! –

Hosts Boy Ramos, a TBR Dream participant, and Tessa Prieto-Valdes had us all in stitches as they led us through the program for the evening. TBR Dream Team members Jim Lafferty, Neville Manaois, Lit Onrubia, and myself gave our addresses to the runners, we threw a huge raffle giving away over 90 prizes (uhm Tessa literally threw some of the prizes at the audience!), played a couple of games, watched a special video from Ripple 100, and ended the night with a batch picture!

TBR DM Send Off Dinner-6590
– TBR Dream Team: Jun Cruz, Neville Manaois, Janice Villanueva (Creative Juice), Macel Janeo, Jim Lafferty, and Lit Onrubia –

TBR DM Send Off Dinner-6688
– That’s me and TBR DM runners, Mico Halili and the rest of Team RunToms. I’m starstruck. –

TBR DM Send Off Dinner-6455
– with Team Mambu rower/runners. Go girls! –

For our TBR Dream Runners, we hope you enjoyed the evening. The best is yet to come…in 9 days to be exact.

Dream Big. Run Strong.

More pictures to be posted once I get my hands on them!

Thank you to all our sponsors for the invaluable support!
PRESENTER Unilab Active Health
CO PRESENTERS Sun Broadband and Runrio
MAJOR SPONSORS Gatorade, New Balance, Otterbox, Oakley
Timex, Secondwind Running Store, Nathan, Nutribar, Chris Sports, Blacksheep Manila, Robinsons Supermarket, Neat Feat, Milo 3 in 1, Runner’s Runner, Purefoods, Starbucks, Dole, Toblerone, Cetaphil, P&G, Crystal Clear, Messy Bessy, Forward Lean Running, ROX and BGC
MEDIA PARTNERS Multisport and Ripple 100
HOTEL PARTNERS El Cielito, Paseo Premiere, Laguna Technopark


Thursday, 8 March 2012  |  Bullish Insights

Hey, you, TBR Dream Marathoner, you! I hope you haven’t forgotten about our Send Off Party tonight!

Here are more reasons why you should come, aside from the fact that you just love our company:

1)  Our hosts are Tessa Prieto-Valdes and Boy Ramos.  Fun!

2) We have over 9o prizes to win!  Yes, 90++!!!  Thank you sponsors! Mwah!

3 Timex Watches
1 pair of Oakley Shades
2 Sun Broadband Kits
2 Yurbuds Inspire Design Earphone Set
5 Otterbox GCs worth Php2,000
5 pcs Tiger Tails from Chris Sports
5 Products from Nathan Hydration
2 Women’s Top from New Balance
2 Men’s Top from New Balance
10 Gift packs from Unilab
5 Gift Packs from Enervon HP
10 Gift packs from P&G
10 Gift Packs from Milo
5 Gift Packs from Messy Bessy
6 Gift Packs from Gatorade
4 Secondwind Visors
1 Bodivance shirt
1 Bodivance bag
20 hydration bottles

* Some items may change.

3) You get to claim your RACE KITS!  Woohoo!

4) Ripple 100 will present a special video for us at the end of the night.  Bring your tissue, please.

5) We have a batch photo at the end.  See, you can’t miss it, right?

6) Last, but not the least, you get to bond with your batchmates and celebrate the upcoming marathon that will change your life!

See you!


Thursday, 8 March 2012  |  Bullish Insights

How ironic that, as we prepare for our own race, I have little time to run myself.  I must confess.  For the past few days, I’ve been an angry biatch. Every little thing annoys me—from the over sensitive supplier who can be the next teleserye star to the chipped nail on my index finger.  I blame it on stress.  I blame it on PMS.  I blame it on inefficient people who you wish gave 100% effort even just 90% of the time.  But, I put the blame most on running.

I haven’t run for way too long. Uhm, to be exact, it’s been 4 days.  (Hey, this is my blog. I can exaggerate here, right?)

Today, I woke up feeling great.  And, I thought I could spare an hour to run despite the crazy, busy sched.  I still haven’t found the perfect shoe for my bunions, so I opted for the widest shoe in the house: My Nike Frees.

I ran a quick 7k on the treadmill at the gym.  All of you know that I’m treadmill-averse.  But, on this particular day, I missed running so much that I absolutely loved it.  Loved the fact that I was, in my mind, racing with the other 4 slowpokes to my right.  (I am anonymous in the gym so they won’t know who they are and I’m not hurting anyone’s feelings!)  And, guess what, I won! Hah!  Loved the sweat dripping down my face.  I swam last Sunday and chlorinated-water dripping down my face while I’m catching my breath just doesn’t cut it for me.  And, I loved the fact that I found 1 hour just to do what I loved the most.

Now, I’m a happy camper.  I’m all smiles. If I saw that dramatic supplier, I’d give him a hug and treat him to lunch.  (Okay, maybe not THAT happy.)

Aaah, running.  I’m crazy while I’m with you.  But, crazier without you.