Condura Marathon: 4 Year History in TBR Pictures. Plus: Win Free Condura Skyway Marathon Race Kits!

Monday, 30 January 2012  |  Bullish Insights

With all systems go for the 5th Condura Skyway Marathon this coming Sunday, I thought it would be fun to reminisce about the Condura Marathon as seen through my Bull’s eye going all the way back to 2008 before they had 42k or set foot on the Skyway. (Man, I feel so ancient!)

By the way, if you manage to read until the bottom, you’ll find out how to win one of 10 free Condura Skyway Marathon race kits!  Good luck!


Race start at BGC was small and intimate. First time we had seen floodlights light up a race start that way and oooh it seemed so high tech!

Click HERE and HERE to read my race report.

Start 10k 1

Nanette Medved was still preggy. So unlike the fit and slender mommy she is now that makes us all wail in jealousy.

Nanette M. & Friend

That’s me in my usual just-got-out-of-bed look with Mon of Happy Feet (Happy Feet! The coolest running group back then!) and Pat Concepcion (Yup, he was wearing all black already way back then and until now!)

Mon, Me, Patrick

Coach Rio’s hair was still in its infancy stage. (Mon, Pat, Coach Rio, and Aljo)
Mon, Patrick, Rio, Aljo

2009: Condura Skyway Run for the Whale Shark

Condura was the first race to ever have people running on the Skyway.  It was surreal for most of us runners to finally do this!

Click HERE and HERE for my race report.

Concepcion brothers, Ton and Patrick, up on stage for the awarding.


I launched TBR Magazine at Condura Marathon. (Thanks again Ton and Pat!)


We also launched the iamNinoy Running Group! Shucks, I miss seeing these yellow shirts in races.


After the race with my favorite (and probably one of the smartest) TBR readers, Cougcat. Miss you, Anton!


2010: Condura Run for Dolphins

Condura finally went into the marathon! Plus, it was on the Skyway again! How could I resist Ton Concepcion’s personal invite to run the 42k even if I had run 42k in QCIM in October and Singapore Marathon in December 2011. Three weeks after Condura, I ran Hong Kong 42k too. It was an awesome five months of marathoning, but I wouldn’t recommend it and I don’t think I would do it again!

8,500 runners participated in this event. Click HERE and HERE for my race report.

With Team Secondwind at the race start.


Ran the Skyway with my bestest running buddy Annie who had come home for a brief trip from Singapore where she was based. She had left for Singapore the year before and when she did I was crying buckets worried that running would never be as fun (or fast) without her.


Ran my 3rd marathon here at 4:24 (PR) paced by my good friend Alvin.


Mark Parco and his now famous Dolphin cap. Missing in pic is his wife Tiffin with her cap. (We sorely miss this fun and wacky couple! Come back to Manila soon!)


2011: Condura Skyway Marathon – Run for the Dolphins

Condura had raised the bar for races giving local runners a world-class race that was at par with other international races.

13,000 runners participated in the event. Click HERE to read my race report.

That’s me running 21k without training.  Whoa boy, I think history will repeat itself in this Sunday’s race.  Gulp.


Congratulations for reading through this 4-year historical blogpost. Hey, it was fun, wasn’t it? As thanks, here’s a chance to win one of 10 free race kits to the Condura Skyway Marathon this coming Feb. 5, 2012.

Prizes: 5 race kits to 10k, 5 race kits to 16k
Winners: 10 winners will win 1 race kit each to the distance of his/her choice

How to join:
1) Post a comment below telling me what your favorite Condura race was and why? (1-2 sentences only please.) If this Sunday’s race will be your first (assuming you win the race kit), tell me why you’re looking forward to running it and why (1-2 sentences only)
2) Please indicate your complete name and what distance you prefer

How to win:
– First 5 commenters who indicate 10k race kit as their preferred prize will win one 10k race kit each.
– First 5 commenters who indicate 16k race kit as their preferred prize will win one 16k race kit each.
– Missing info in the entry will lead to automatic disqualification.
– Double submissions will lead to automatic disqualification.

How to claim:
Winners will be announced on this blog by tonight, Jan. 30, 2011, 6 pm. You may go directly to Riovana at Bonifacio High Street to claim your prize. Please present a valid ID.

By the way, if you don’t want to join the contest, and you just want to comment, feel free to do so!

Running. It’s More Fun in the Philippines

Saturday, 7 January 2012  |  Bullish Insights

– Image from It’s More Fun in The Philippines Website –

Picking up on the Department of Tourism’s new (and oh-so controversial) slogan for the country: It’s More Fun in the Philippines, which I, by the way, actually like because it’s simple and true (so Pinoy diba?!), I came up with 10 reasons why it truly is more fun to run in our beloved country…

– Yup, it’s more fun to run in the Philippines! –

1 – Pinoy runners talk, jump, tease, sing, dance, skip, hop, and last but not the least, laugh while they’re running.  Heck, we can do that while we’re racing!  Ever run in races abroad where runners barely speak and there’s nothing to hear but feet stomping on the ground?  Nope, not in the Philippines.  We like our runs peppered with lots of chitchat and chismis.

2 – We smile a lot. See us grin from ear to ear before we run in the wee hours of the morning even when our eyes are shut, during a run while we’re being overtaken by a dozen others, and most especially after the run while our photos are being taken.  Oh yes, we Pinoys will always have our cameras on hand for photo ops and immediate uploading to Facebook!

3 – We have huge races almost every weekend.  There’s no dull Sunday morning in Bonifaco Global City alone.  Even other first world countries ain’t got what we got.  Running is alive and kicking here!

4 – Lots of areas to run where we don’t have to worry about traffic, pollution, or security.  Some of us are lucky to run in exclusive villages, while others train in U.P., Bonifacio Global City or down South in NUVALI.  And, let’s not forget our provinces where running is growing as well: Cebu, Davao, Bacolod, Cagayan de Oro and more!

5 – If you do find yourself running on congested roads amidst pollution and smog almost getting sideswiped by buses and jeepneys, most of the Pinoy runners, will most likely be unfazed and will tag this as “a great adventure” that must be done again. (Okay, fine, “most” not all.)

6 – Trail running and Ultra Marathoning is growing and getting more exciting.  As a runner, you’ll have more reasons (or excuses to your boss and husband/wife) to travel to the provinces and explore the country literally on foot!

7 – We can run alongside celebs like Coach Rio, Piolo, Iza Calzado, and Karylle and pretend that, uhm, no, no, we’re not starstruck at all. What’s with the stupid grin, sweaty palms, and wobbly knees? Oh, nothing!  Just due to over excitement from the race.

8 – Tessa Prieto-Valdez and her tutus. Pure entertainment during a run.

9 – Polo Tri.  Where else can you spot a dozen or so fit and cute guys in white trisuits?  Too bad they’re fast. You only have a minute or two to ogle.  (Disclaimer:  This note does not represent TBR’s personal opinions and views.  Being a married woman, she only states as fact what she has observed from female runners in the community.  In short, she only has eyes for her husband…even if he refuses to wear a white trisuit.)

10 – Post-run meal of tapsilog.  Need I say more?

I know I missed a lot more reasons. Feel free to add below!

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Thursday, 5 January 2012  |  Bullish Insights

Woohoo. We’ve finally installed these little buttons below each blogpost.  (I feel so techy already!)  Actually, many of you noticed it even before I did! Haha.


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Thanks to Marc of Sheeromedia for helping me out with this one!

Running Books I’m Currently Reading

Thursday, 5 January 2012  |  Bullish Insights

These are the running books by my bedside…


In Macca’s “I’m Here to Win”, he shares how his Mom would put him and his brothers to sleep every night telling them three words: “Dream. Believe. Succeed.”

Last night, I was about to put my own kids to bed too and told them that, from this day forward, I would be telling them those same words. Little Miss Bull Runner asked me to repeat the words and, as I did, she said each one after me.

The seeds have been planted.


7 New Year’s Resolutions Runners Should NOT Make

Tuesday, 3 January 2012  |  Bullish Insights

As the New Year rolls in, you probably have a long list of resolutions you’ve committed to when it comes to your most beloved sport.  I’m personally not big on resolutions, but on setting goals to achieve (What? My last public post on my New Year’s goals was way back in 2009?!).  But, I do know many of you runners have it all jotted down already.

Here are 7 New Year’s resolutions that I hope you DON’T have on your list. If you do, use your Body Glide or Hammer Gel to erase it from the list.  (Okay, not too sure if that’ll work, but you can try!)

(1) “I will join every race every weekend.” This will leave you A) bankrupt, B) injured, or C) both. Choose your races wisely.  If your argument to letter A is that you have more than enough money at the bank to finance your weekly races, then plan the races that you’ll run at an easy pace and those that you’ll race, then call me so you can treat me for breakfast after those races.

(2) “I will lose 10 lbs in 1 month because of running.”  It’s not impossible.  In fact, running will easily burn off that extra weight for you and then some.  But, as you very well know, losing weight too fast isn’t too good for your body.  Worse, if you’re competitive like uhm some people here, then it will seriously affect your performance.  Lose weight gradually and the proper way.

(3) “I’ll run a marathon this year just like my officemate.”  Who is your officemate anyway?  And what does he or she have to do with what should be one of the highlights of your entire running career?  Never ever set your running goals based on someone else’s.  Listen to your own body.  Set your own dreams.  There is no pressure to outwit, outdo or outrun another.  Last I checked, you’re not a contestant on Survivor.

(4) “I’ll beat that B#@Tch!”  Now, now, no need for cussing on this blog or on the road.  They say golf is a gentleman’s sport.  Can’t we try to make running for well-mannered and polite runners too?  Treat each runner, road organizer, blogger, volunteer, marshall, etc with respect and kindness.  I can’t understand how some people learn self-discipline and life values through running only to treat fellow runners like crap.  As for beating that other runner in a race, go ahead and do it, but shake her hand after the race. (No, don’t put super glue on your palm!)

(5) “I will run every single day.”  This is a common runners’ mistake.  Running daily may work for some, but it is not recommended for everyone.  It can cause injury especially for beginners.  It can also lead to dry hair, regular tardiness at work, and increased spending for detergent to wash your running apparel.  Allow your body to recover in between runs.  Vary the intensity of your workouts for optimal training.  If you want to train daily, then consider cross training.

(6) “I will stick to my training program come hell or high water.”  Seriously?  If high water comes in the form of Sendong, I would highly recommend you run for your life (no pun intended). Sometime during your training, life will get in the way (ex. you’ll get sick, your child gets sick, your husband gets sick, or you get sick of your husband…kidding!) so you must be flexible enough to adjust your program.  Don’t fret about it.  You’ll finish that half marathon, you’ll still have a chance of hitting your goal despite minor setbacks.

(7) “I will focus on running this year.”  Focus is good; it’s great!  And running can definitely color and enhance your life.  That’s what it did (and still does) for me.  But please have more to life than just running. Know your priorities.  Leave some space for other activities, events, interests, and more importantly, people.  Nourish your mind and soul with other non-running elements.  There’s nothing worse than sitting down with a runner who can’t talk about anything else but the next race, his fastest time, or the best running shoe on the market.  By loving running without letting it rule your life, you open yourself up to so many possibilities this 2012 and, yes, that still includes breaking your PR in that 21k!

Happy New Year, runners!