Nike Lunar Test Run

Friday, 22 August 2008  |  Bullish Insights, Gear + Gadgets


Last Saturday, I was fortunate enough to be one of those invited to test the new Nike Lunar Trainer at Bonifacio High Street. It was a reunion of sorts as friends from the running world (I won’t name names since I’m bound to forget someone!) showed up eager as I was to try out Nike’s newest shoe. Of course, the celebrities were there too, such as triathletes Drew Arellano and Paolo Cabrera and Tessa Prieto who I’ve read is currently training for NY Marathon.


After our costume change (Runaholic singlets, dri-fit socks, and the Nike Lunar Trainers were distributed like candies on Halloween), the test run’s organizer, Coach Rio, beckoned for us to run loops around BHS together. At an easy pace, we ran chatting, laughing, and exchanging stories that only runaholics like us could truly appreciate. After a couple of loops, there was a brief presentation about the features of Nike Lunar Trainers, which got its name from the lunar system encased inside the shoe (lunar foam with piston waffles).


– Norman, My hubby, Annie, Ben, Coach Jo-Ar, Doc Oknoy and Patrick C. –


– Hanging out after the run: Annie, Ben, Patrick C., Mon, Doc Oknoy, and Norman –

Since Saturday, I’ve used the shoe twice which is enough for me to give an honest evaluation of this shoe:


  1. Ultra light: This was the lightest shoe I have ever worn. After running in them, you might look at your feet once in a while to wonder if you actually forgot to wear the shoes; it feels as if you’re just wearing socks.
  2. Super fast: Oh, I felt invincible when I wore them last night. My regular pace for short runs is 6:00 to 6:15 min/km. Last night, I was surprised to find myself running at 5:30 without extra effort.
  3. Very stable: It’s wide so I felt like it protected me from my usual overpronation problem.
  4. Great fit: This shoe is all about comfort. It was soft and snug; I cannot imagine anyone getting blisters from this one.
  1. Lunar look: I’m all for new and unique designs, but the bright green color and the wide outer sole of this shoe just made me wish I could run with my eyes closed.
  2. Too soft: I could feel the cushioning underneath; one can almost feel a spring-like action once your feet hit the ground. But, after 2km, my left foot (my left is the forever injured, annoying leg) was feeling the brunt of the way too soft sole.
  3. Not for my shins: The marketing guy in Nike mentioned that the shoe could be used by flat-footed runners and I felt as if he was talking directly to me at that time. I should’ve raised my hand to ask if it was fine for flat-footed, overpronating runners with shin splints because, after using the shoe twice, I felt slight pain on my shins both times. Fortunately, the minor pain immediately subsided the day after.
As mentioned in Runner’s World Sept 2008 issue, it is “recommended for the few biomechanically efficient runners who can train in such a minimal, lightweight shoe.”  Biomechanically efficient? That, my dear friends, much to my dismay and misfortune, I am definitely not.

Isn’t It Ironic?

Friday, 15 August 2008  |  Bullish Insights

Last night, I met Photographer Ben to run loops around Bonifacio High Street. I planned on roadtesting my Nike+ SportsBand—and possibly calibrate it already—in preparation for the Nike+ Human Race at the end of the month. Garmin on left wrist? Check. SportsBand on right wrist? Check. Sensor enclosed in SwitchEasy attached to the laces? Check. TBR looking like a gadget freak? Check.

Right before I stepped out of the car, it started to drizzle. I decided to abort my roadtest mission as I was afraid of getting the SportsBand wet. Due to sheer laziness, I did not remove the sensor from my shoe.

Off we went running happily through the streets of BHS.  We were going at 6:00 min/km while chatting about anything and everything under the…er…rain.  Around 40 minutes into the run, as we approached Starbucks, the rain started to pour.  In a blink of an eye, we were soaked.  We headed straight for ROX and waited for the rain to stop which, after around 15 mins. of chatting with a stranger about yoga and children, we noticed had no plans of letting up.

It was around this time that I learned that the world is unfair. That bad things happen to good people. That Alanis Morissette was right all along when she wrote the lyrics to her popular “Isn’t It Ironic?” song. Okay, I may be exaggerating but this is still bad news for anyone: I glanced down at my shoe and was horrified to discover that my sensor was gone along with the plastic cover of my switcheasy! Arrrrgh!

So much for good karma eh? On the same week that I started raffling out Nike+ SportsBands, I have the great luck of losing my own sensor and switcheasy cover. To make things even better, the rain was so strong that I couldn’t trace my steps back to search for the items. And, after almost a year of not using my Nike+ kit, I lose my sensor just a couple of weeks ahead of the Nike+ Human Race. Great. Just great.

Do I plan to shell out another P800 for a switcheasy? No way. I’m thinking of sewing my own TBR pouch based on this shoe pouch design. As for my sensor, every cloud has a silver lining, indeed. I still have a new unused sensor waiting to be opened.  Just don’t tell the hubby because it was supposed to be his!

* Should you find a lost sensor and switcheasy cover along Bonifacio High Street, please bring them home safely to me. A big reward awaits…it’s actually just a big Thank You!

Running Aid

Tuesday, 5 August 2008  |  Bullish Insights

I had just published my post on 10 Easy Ways to Get Injured when I found this in my mail…

Running Aid

See, the Pinoy Ultra Runners and I think alike!  Hope you can make it.

Weekend Rush

Friday, 1 August 2008  |  Bullish Insights

Thank God it’s Friday!  I work from home but I still look forward to weekends as bonding time for the family and, of course, for early morning runs with friends or the hubby.

Turns out that this weekend of mine will start out in a Rush.  10 cases of blue Rush, that is.


Vince of Rush was generous enough to surprise me with 240 bottles of Rush.  Yes, 240!  That’s like a full year’s supply of sports drinks for me.  It was enough to fill up the trunk of my car and leave no empty space in my storage room in the garage.  It should keep me fully hydrated in each race I join, every training run, gym workout, or treadmill run at home.  It’s like an everlasting fountain of Rush.  I love it.

Thank you to Vince and his brawny “delivery men”, Coach Rio and Ben, as well as Eric who came in to help. Each case weighed a ton but due to Coach Rio’s 2% body fat, Ben’s strong biceps and core muscles, and Eric’s well-toned physique, they loaded my car with all the goodies in no time.


Have a good weekend everyone!  Good luck to my dear friend Marga and her team mates, Don and Caroline, who are joining the O3 Long Distance Triathlon tomorrow in Subic.  To all those joining Milo, especially the marathoners, have a great time too!  Let’s all wish for a rain-free weekend!

Wake Up, Sleepyhead

Wednesday, 30 July 2008  |  Bullish Insights

I set my alarm for 5:00 this morning with the intention of running for 45 minutes on my treadmill for the scheduled V-Run today.  I was to run a bit earlier than my virtual friends hoping to run my last kilometer with them as they started at 6:00 a.m. Manila time. (Mommy duties beckon for me at the strike of 6.)

So, the alarm did ring. And, I swear I heard E-rod drop his martini on the white sands of the Bahamas just to free his hands and holler out to me “Get up, sleepy bull-headed runneeeeer!”

Unfortunately, it didn’t work.  I got up only to turn off the alarm and get back to bed to get my much-needed shut eye.

I should be excused.  I was a bit tired from last night.  I ran a total of 8km at Bonifacio High Street, my farthest since recovering from my shin splints. Woohooo! First, I ran 4.5k with Happy Feet peeps Ben, Aljo, and Tin (welcome to HF, Tin!) then another 3.5k with Ben and Marga. I also bumped into ultimate race organizer Coach Rio, Unang Hirit’s Drew A., Active Achiever Vince, and Eds Ochoa of OneSport. Phew, a full night of running and chatting with running friends, plus an hour of traffic on the way home, made The Bull Runner sleep like a log.

But, I know…there is no excuse.  Sorry to disappoint you fellow V-runners.  I promise to make it up to you in our next V-Run. I’ll provide everyone’s virtual water or preferred sports drink, hand out virtual bananas and peanut butter after the run, and even give virtual foot massages for your tired feet. Until the next V-Run!

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