On the Heels of a Dream: Obbie’s Journey Towards his First Marathon

Monday, 30 September 2013  |  Running + Triathlon

On this week, September 30 to October 6, 2013, our TBR-ULAH Dream Marathoners begin their formal marathon training based on our Dream Marathon Program. It’s the beginning of their journey towards their first marathon.

Week 20

This is the 5th time that we’ve staged the event, yet, every single time we begin training for the marathon with our runners, I’m taken back to my first time as well. I feel the same level of excitement and trepidation as if I was a first-timer myself.

I thought I wanted all of you readers to share in this experience. The best way for me to do this was not through my own words (because all my experiences are easily accessible already in the archives of this blog such as my first accidental marathon in QCIM, Oct 2009), but through a first timers own eyes.

I invited Chris Ibanez Suguitan or “Obbie”, a registered participant of TBR-ULAH Dream Marathon 2014 who I have yet to personally meet, to write about his own experiences as he goes on his journey towards his first marathon.  Expect Obbie’s weekly column called “On the Heels of a Dream” here at TBR starting next week.

For now, let’s meet Obbie.


TBR: Tell us about yourself.
Obbie: I’m 44 years old, over 200 pounds (how much over I’m not too proud of hehehe), I’m a writer by profession with a day job at a publishing company as the one who handles Client Relations and Special Sales.

TBR: Why did you join TBR-ULAH Dream Marathon?
Obbie: I decided to join because I heard about it from high school friends and my co-parents at my son’s school and decided that it’s about time for me to get thin(ner), more fit, and that this would be a great way to show my boys how their overweight Dad can be disciplined beyond the lack of time and money to accomplish something significant. I was a full scholar from high school to college but it was such a long time ago that they can’t relate to it to well. I thought a marathon right now can inspire them.

I’ll end with that short introduction and allow you to get to know Obbie in the weeks to come.  Welcome to TBR, Obbie!

Tokyo Marathon, Here I Come!

Sunday, 29 September 2013  |  Bullish Insights


There were 302,000 applications for 30,000 slots for Tokyo Marathon on February 23, 2014. The applicants were chosen via lottery system. As luck (or fate!) would have it, I was one of the runners selected!


Words can’t express how happy I am about this. Just one step closer to my dream of finishing the World Marathon Majors. Oh, and I can’t wait to load up on sashimi and ramen too!  Tokyo, here I come!

2014 Unilab Active Health Calendar: Exceed Yourself!

Friday, 27 September 2013  |  Race Announcements

Unilab has just released its calendar of events for 2014.  Mark your calendars!

lowres calendar jpg3

PRESS RELEASE: Exceed yourself! UNILAB Active Health (ULAH) continues to challenge everyone to create a better version of themselves. One may choose to upgrade to longer distances, or establish new personal records. Better training, better gear, better nutrition, and better races, will all lead to achieving a better you. The 2014 ULAH calendar has been developed with experts within the swim, bike, and run community to cater to those who desire to progress from where they are today, to be better tomorrow.

Get ready to pull out those “killer kicks” as the Tri United Series will now inaugurate a new long distance category: a demanding 1.9km swim, 90km bike, and 21km run. This distance offers a new challenge to loyal Tri United triathletes on top of the sprint, standard (1.5km-40km-10km), and triking (2km-60km-15km) distances of next year’s series.

With the back to back success of the annual Active Health Duathlon, the run-bike-run event will still maintain its foothold at SCTEX with a 6km-50km-4km distance. The calendar will also include a separate cycling event sometime Q2/Q3 of 2014.

Experienced runners hoping to complete the United Medal can train their way up to a full 42.195km distance in Run United Philippine Marathon. The Run United (RU) series will remain focused on providing long distance categories: RU1 with 5km, 10km, and 21km and RU2 with 10km, 21km, and 32km categories. TBRDM continues to help produce first/second time marathoners with its extensive 5-month program leading to race day.

Kindly standby for further announcements on event details, registration dates, and additional events/training programs within the 2014 UNILAB Active Health Calendar.

Mark your calendars. Exceed Yourself!

Are You Ready for 2013 Run United Philippine Marathon?

Friday, 27 September 2013  |  Race Announcements

Who hasn’t registered for Run United Philippine Marathon (RUPM)?!  I’m looking forward to running 21k there.

RUPM is the third and last leg of the RunRio Trilogy and the only slots open are for Ceelin 500m dash. RUPM, now on its second year, will feature four race categories namely: Ceelin 500m, Hydrite 10km, Alaxan FR 21km and Enervon Activ 42km.

What can you expect at Run United Philippine Marathon on October 6, 2013?

(1) Runners who participated in Run United 1 and 2 can finally obtain the last piece of their “medal puzzle” and complete their UNITED medal.

The completed UNITED medal from the 2013 Run United Trilogy series (21-21-21, 21-32-21, 21-32-42) fits together with the RUPM finisher’s medal. According to Unilab Active Health, securing all these medals is a testament of the runners’ commitment to continuously exceed themselves in the field of running.

– Unilab’s Alex Panlilio welcomes the bloggers at the recently held bloggers night for Run United Philippine Marathon –

(2) The 3,000 Enervon Activ 42km runners and finishers will get VIP treatment—before, during and after the race.  Gatorade, ION Energy Drink, water, sponges and bananas will be given out at certain points of the routes.

(3) 42k runners will be among the first to try and taste Active Health’s latest offering in its Sports Nutrition Line – the Active Health Sports Gel, to be launched at Run United Philippine Marathon.

– Active Health Sports Gel will be launched on RUPM. Its flavor is Berry Mix. Unilab will come out with more flavors in the coming months. Price will be at parity with other imported brands –

(4) 42k runners will experience a red-carpet finish.  The finish line for 42km runners will be right inside the Active Health Village, through a short tunnel carved underneath the main stage. The runners’ companions can cheer at the cordoned-off spectators’ waiting area, and at the main stage audience area. All 42km finishers will be given an ice cold glass of Enervon HP Recovery Drink, a grooming station complete with staff will be on standby to make sure that they will look their best in the photo-ops at the finish line.

(5) 42k runners can start their rest and recovery routines by attending a post-race talk and stretching at the Enervon Activ Marathoners’ Lounge where they will receive limited edition RUPM commemorative slippers. The University of Santo Tomas College of Rehabilitation Sciences will provide physical therapy and stretching services inside the Active Health Village.

– Lester of Unilab Active Health and Coach Rio dela Cruz of Runrio show off the RUPM Commemorative Slippers –

(6) RUPM participants and their companions can avail of activities, games, free product samples in various sponsors’ booths at the Unilab Active Health Village. Alaxan FR PBA Legends will also be around for photo-ops. Entertainment will be provided by True Faith and Evedancel of Sugarfree.

All categories except for 42km will have start and finish line at the SM Mall of Asia; the 42km category will start at Bonifacio Global City and finish at SM Mall of Asia.

Gun starts are as follows: 500m dash at 7:00AM; 10K at 5:30AM; 21K at 4:00AM; and 42K at 3:00AM


Two more events are up ahead in ULAH’s active calendar—Tri United 3 and the Enervon Activ 226 Bohol Triathlon. Registration for both is still ongoing.

  • Tri United 3 Elite and Age Group Championship in Subic will feature standard distance (1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run) for elite and age-groupers triathletes. It will also accommodate teen triathletes with age categories 15-16 and 17-19 years old.
  • Enervon Activ 226 Bohol Triathlon, sponsored by Enervon Activ, organized by Bikeking, is slated for December 7, 2013. The 3.8km Swim – 180km Bike – 42km Run triathlon will be held in Anda, Bohol.

For more race information and results, interested parties may visit ULAH’s official website at unilabactivehealth.com as well as it Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Save the Date: RunBGC Takbonifacio

Monday, 23 September 2013  |  Race Announcements


Bonifacio Global City (BGC) will be holding its yearly Passionfest this coming November 29 to December 1. As always, it is expected to be another fun activity-packed weekend.

This year, Passionfest 2013 coincides with the 150th birth year anniversary of Andres Bonifacio. It is for this reason that most of the activities have been given an Filipino twist to honor our hero.

One of the main events of BGC’s Passionfest is the yearly run: RUN BGC. For this year, it will be an afternoon fun run called Run BGC: TAKBONIFACIO 2013 on November 30, 2013. Runners get to dress up as a Katipunero and run away from the Gwardia Sibil lining the route!

Full mechanics shall be released soon.  For now, mark the date on your calendars!  Registration starts October 15, 2013.

Registration fee is Php500 but there will be special offers for:
1. Residents and workers of BGC get it at less Php150
2. Groups that form a battalion of 150pax will only have to pay Php150 per pax
3. Kids (5-12 years old) at Php150

More details coming soon, Katipuneros!