10 Cool Tips for Running Under the Heat

Tuesday, 7 April 2015  |  Running + Triathlon


Belated Happy Easter!  How did you celebrate easter?  I started easter morning, as I’ve done every year, with a long run with friends.  I covered 21k, my 2nd to the last long run before Boston Marathon, and I must admit that I’m soooo looking forward to tapering next week.  I usually love long runs preparing for a marathon, but the heat and humidity the past week has just been excruciating!  If you’re dreading the summer heat like me, here are 10 cool tips for running outdoors… (more…)

You Know It’s Too Hot to Run When…

Wednesday, 21 May 2014  |  Bullish Insights


ANG INIT!  Not a day passes when these words aren’t said or written online.  The heat is unbelievable and unforgiving, yet we still go out there and run!  Here’s what I thought of yesterday as distraction while running (or suffering) on the treadmill in a crazy, hot gym.  Feel free to add your own:


You’re sweating while you’re lacing up your shoes.

You’re seriously considering cutting off the sleeves of your favorite running shirt.

That Gatorade bottle you froze last night? It defrosted in 10 seconds.

You unfollow that friend who posts running pics abroad in 10 degree weather.

You carry P500 in your pocket while running around Bonifacio Global City for all the Slurpees you’re going to gulp down from every 7-11 you pass.

Bawal. Magsalita. It’s too tiring to talk.

It’s humid even INSIDE the gym!

You’re afraid to leave your running shoes in the car for fear they’d melt.

The only other people on the road are ultramarathoners who have gone to hell and back and decided to run in hell again with you today.

After a run, your clothes cling to you like you swam in them and you wonder how you’ll peel them off.

You tap yourself on the back for surviving a gruelling tempo run in the heat only to realize it was much slower than an LSD.

A good recovery drink should have carbs + protein + lots. of. ice.

Just thinking of running leaves you exhausted, but you do it anyway…because 1) You’re nuts and 2) You’re a runner!