My Christmas Wish List

Thursday, 18 December 2008  |  Bullish Insights

Where is it: My Christmas Wish List?  I’ve been so busy with work, the kids, dinners, workouts and shopping that I’ve realized just now that I haven’t sat down to think about what I want for Christmas, which is only a week away! (Gasp!)  So, here I go, typing as I think about everything I wish to receive:  (Listen up, hubby!)

  1. A bike:  It seems that my months of hinting have fallen on deaf ears as I still don’t see a bike in the garage, so here I am spelling it out for the dearest hubby to read.  I want a B-I-K-E.  If it doesn’t fit into the budget this December, then I will patiently wait.  Do not get me jewelry, clothes, shoes, or a bag because I will wrap them up and give them to relatives next year.  This bull will only accept a bike for Christmas.
  2. An injury-free holiday.  Christmas break—just like sem break and summer—is a mommy-driver’s time off!  It’s the season for full-blast, no holds barred, elite-level, wow-look-at-my-toned-legs type of training.  I’m hoping that when school ends for my kids this Friday, my knees are ready for the long runs I’ve been dreaming of.
  3. Lots of massage.  Isn’t this long holiday break heaven?  I plan to spend every waking minute of this break at home getting a full body massage with extra loving care on my tight ITBs. Massage from my acupuncturist would be great too.
  4. Secret project success.  So, I’ve been head-over-heels busy because I’ve been cooking up a project that has everything to do with running.  My wish is that when I launch in January 2009, it comes out as I had envisioned it—or better.  (Sorry, I can’t divulge any details as of the moment.  If I do, I would have to burn your running shoes and kill you.)  

Such a short list!  I thought it would be so much longer.  Well, it doesn’t take too much to make this bull happy.

Thank God It’s Monday!

Monday, 15 December 2008  |  Bullish Insights

I’m so relieved the weekend is over.  

To make a long, dreary, dreadful weekend story short, I learned—during what should have been an easy 5k run at Nike Run Clinic last Friday—that my knee still needs more time to recover.  (Note that I do not use the word “injury” as I’m fairly optimistic that I’ll be out and running again after a few days.  Crossing my fingers!  Cross yours for me too.  And, I hope my acupuncturist is doing the same.)

So, I had to pass on the Mizuno-Fuego Sunset race last Saturday.  Boo hoo.  And, the entire family took a trip to the mall instead where my little girl kept saying “I thought we were going to play in the sand today.” while the other one complained “So, I bought a whole can of Pringles last week for nothing?!”

As if I didn’t have enough reason to feel depressed, nature plays a cruel joke on me.  What’s the worst thing you can do to a woman when she’s down?  You make her feel fat and ugly.  I got my monthly period accompanied by stomach pains that Saturday.  So, as much as I tried to find comfort in Christmas shopping, I felt weak and tired all throughout the weekend.

Aaah, I’m glad it’s Monday already; it’s a fresh start.  I looked in the mirror this morning and I’d like to believe I don’t look like the evil witch that I was last Saturday.  As of this morning, I’m not brooding over the injury nor the missed runs anymore; at least, I’m trying my best not to do so.  I’m fairly optimistic that I’ll recover from this brief setback in no time as I’m a veteran when it comes to my runner’s knee; I pretty much know what my body needs to get back on track asap.  

Hope you have a great week.  Mine will definitely be better than the weekend.

Singapore, Here I Come!

Friday, 5 December 2008  |  Bullish Insights

It’s been a crazy week. I felt like I was doing everything at 5k race pace hoping to accomplish as many things as possible before leaving for Singapore tonight.  That should explain why I barely had the time to tell you how I excited I am about this trip, which brings with it a lot of “firsts”…

First time in Singapore.  

First half marathon.

First race abroad. (Woohoo!  And, I hope there will be many more to come.  Hint hint to the hubby!)

First trip out of town without the hubby and kids. (Hubby will be fine as his 2nd wife will keep him company over the weekend; I’m talking about golf, by the way.  The kids will be well cared for by hubby and yaya.  Honestly, I think I’m more anxious than they are.)

First getaway with Annie.  (My best running buddy and I have finally done it!  We’re leaving our regular running route and our family to run abroad.  Yes, that’s how much we love to run.)

Hopefully, my left knee behaves itself and allows me to enjoy this “trip of many firsts.”  I shall leave you now to get ready for the trip.  Wish us all Pinoys luck!  Be back on Monday!

To Pinoys running in Singapore: Let’s have a post-race breakfast at the basement of Funan, G/F at Yakun Kaya stall.  Mark P mentioned they have a foodcourt and usually some stalls are open by 9:00 am.

Mark P, I hope it’s alright that I invited the rest of the world to what was supposed to be a romantic meal between you and Tiffin.

Ugly Feet

Friday, 21 November 2008  |  Bullish Insights

I have never had uglier feet than I do now.  

I’ve had a black toenail on my right foot for what feels like f-o-r-e-v-e-r.  If that wasn’t bad enough, after New Balance last Sunday, my left pinkie toe was practically covered by one giant bloody blister that scared the living hell out of me after the race. To add icing on the cake, I also discovered a tiny blister on my right foot last night.

For weeks now, I have had my toenails painted in rich, dark red pedicure in an attempt to conceal its sheer ugliness.  And, all this while, I’ve been happily wearing my Havaianas, flipflops, and other open-toed sandals wherever I go blissfully thinking that I’ve been fooling everyone around me.  I was wrong.

Two nights ago, I was reading my Running Horoscope at Lonerunner’s blog and, much to my horror, this is what it said:

Taurus 20 Apr-20 May

Symbol: Bull

Element: Earth

Stop wearing Sandals/Flip-flops, your dead toenails from your last long run are never sexy.

Harharhar, I had a long good laugh!  In fact, I was practically hitting my head on the laptop while rolling on the bedroom floor laughing.  Lonerunner (or his manghuhula) hit the nail on the head for that one!

But, when the laughter died away, feelings of insecurity came clawing its way into my head and down to my toes, which curled up in embarrassment.  Should I stop wearing flipflops? Is it really that bad?  Lonerunner, does your manghuhula really think my feet aren’t sexy?

Last night, I removed the pedicure with acetone and stared at my ugly feet in all its naked glory.  Yes, my toes were hideous, but must I be ashamed of it?  I realized that I should be proud to show off such tiny little survivors, or better yet, warriors that just fought their way through 25km of rough roads.  So, what’s your problem if they aren’t white?  So what if they aren’t perfect?  They still do their job, right?

So, from now on, let it be known that whoever stares at The Bull Runner’s battered and blistered feet with disgust will get a kick in the face and hear these words:  “So I’ve got ugly feet. Who cares? I am a runner.”

To the Pinoy Ultra Runners—who may have uglier feet than I do by Sunday—I wish you the best of luck in your Pinatubo 55km run tomorrow.  Stay safe and, as always, have fun!

Mabuhay si SFRunner

Wednesday, 12 November 2008  |  Bullish Insights


– Clockwise: TBR, Dindo (RunningDATcom), Wayne (SFRunner), Doray (Doralicious), Gene (Barracuda Running), Eric (Run for Change), Bards (Banana Running) and Jay (Prometheus Cometh). Not in photo: Marga (The Changeling Child) –

Last Monday evening, a few of us running bloggers had dinner with Wayne, who is on a 10-day vacation here in Manila, at Sentro, Greenbelt.  

Truth be told, Wayne and I are not very close. Even online, we are not the best virtual pals with only a few comments exchanged between each other’s blogs. But, I was so curious to meet this man who has such a strong online presence in the local running community via blogs and egroups—even if he doesn’t have a single drop of Pinoy blood in his body.

When I first met Wayne at VSO, it was hi and hello.  During dinner last Monday, I was fortunate enough to have conversed with him longer and to finally get to know more about the SFRunner.

Wayne shared the story about how he serendipitously got chosen by cross-country and track coaches in high school after he ran the fastest mile at PE class.  Since then, he has run almost 60,000 miles with 900 races under his belt. With all that experience, you would think he would go on and on about his achievements in his running career, but he doesn’t; this guy is as humble as you can get. 

At one point during our conversation, he even gets serious as he shares his dream for our Filipino elite runners to join the Olympics and the need to uplift running here in the country.  Wayne seems to be more Pinoy than most of our fellowmen.  I think that if there is anyone who should be given honorary membership into the Filipino running community, it should be Wayne aka SF Runner.  

Hope you enjoy your stay here, Wayne!  10 days is too short.

To the running bloggers, it was fun!  We should do it again.  Next time sana may chicharon bulaklak at si Jay ang magbayad ng lahat 🙂

Click here to visit Wayne’s blog: SF Runner.