2 More Days to Runnex @ 25 Years

Friday, 2 May 2008  |  Race Announcements

I am utterly exhausted. My legs are always sore and tired and screaming for a massage. My quads and ITBs ask for their stretches almost three times a day now—how demanding! And, since I train in the mornings, I am in dire need of more sleep. (I stay up with the kids up to 12 midnight and wake up before the sun rises on training days.)

But, I am not complaining. In fact, I’m loving it!

It’s summertime and I am taking full advantage of the free time to train. It’s almost like an eat-all-you-can buffet that lasts for a couple of months…but, in this case, you run-all-you-want so you won’t feel like a blob after the gluttonous indulgence.

Despite the slightly weary feeling, I’m looking forward to Runnex on Sunday. It’s the first time I’m joining a race in U.P. I always wanted to run there, but I was never willing to drive out that far in the wee hours of the morning. Now that hubby is driving and running the 5k with me (aaah, he’s definitely hooked!) I’m game and all giddy with excitement.

Hope to see you there!


– Runnex singlet that is way too big for me –


– Runnex course map. (This map means nothing to me as I’ve only been to U.P. less than a handful of times in my lifetime!) –

Running PR

Monday, 28 April 2008  |  Press

Did you read the papers yesterday? Running was featured in two major dailies—Philippine Star and Inquirer. Running PR isn’t just about Personal Records anymore, but also Press Release!

This is good news to all of us Pinoy Runners (hey that’s another PR?!) who can only benefit from the growing popularity of running in the country.

Here’s the article on Star featuring Global City Run…


Then another article on running by Tanya Lara…


and another on Inquirer featuring Condura Race…


In the column of Tanya Lara, she features a friend, Mon Domingo, one of the forces behind Happy Feet running group of which I am a part of, together with Eduardo Padilla, the barefoot runner. I’ve known “Master Mon” for almost a year now but only learned through this article that he’s ran 19 marathons with a 3:50 PR in 2004. Congratulations Master Mon! Pa-autograph naman ng singlet sa next race!

For more info about Happy Feet, click here.


The North Face 100…Ultras & Trails, anyone?

Monday, 21 April 2008  |  Race Announcements


Boy oh boy, I can hardly contain my excitement. Trail running and ultramarathoning is finally hitting our shores! Are you up for this?

Venue and other details are still being finalized for The North Face 100, but it is definitely pushing through.

The Team Pinoy Ultra Runners will be training for this event. The team will be organizing an ultramarathon training program which will start around May and they are inviting anyone interested to join them. For inquiries, please email Neville Manaois directly at pinoyultrarunners@yahoo.com.

As for me, I’m eager to join the 10k trail runs. No more drooling over Rick and E-rod’s scenic courses. We’re finally having our fair share of trail runs in the country. Finally!

Summer’s Here!

Friday, 14 March 2008  |  Bullish Insights

In a few minutes, I shall be picking up my two children from their last day of school. And, along with them, I can already see myself spinning cartwheels while singing in true Highschool Musical fashion “What time is it?! Summertime! We’re on vacation…”

Summer means liberation from the tight school day sched and freedom to indulge in my passions while the kids are fast asleep. My mornings will undergo a complete transformation. Good riddance to morning traffic to and from school. I can already see myself waking up early in the morning to enjoy a quick run on the roads of Alabang before the world wakes up, or swimming in the warm waters of an olympic-sized pool, or meeting with a running coach every other day. Oooh, the choices are endless.

15 minutes to go till summer! I can’t wait…

On Cheating

Monday, 25 February 2008  |  Bullish Insights

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. I have committed a henious crime and I’m ready to pay the price—or perhaps I’m hoping I won’t have to if my dear guardian angel has pity over me.


You see, when no one was looking, I cheated thrice…yes, three times!

Based on my Return to Running Schedule, which I promised to abide by at all cost, I was supposed to only “Walk for 20-40 minutes” five days this week. This is what I did instead:

Monday: Walked 30 mins. – CHECK
Tuesday: Rest (Actually, I was busy with work and the kids)
Wednesday: Walked 35 mins. – CHECK
Thursday: Swimming 2 hours in chilly water, Defrosting 22 hours
Friday: Walk 20 mins., Run 10 mins. – Jumped to Week 3! CHEATED!
Saturday: Rest (Busy, busy with work)
Sunday: Walk 20 mins, Run 15 mins. – Jumped to Week 4! CHEATED!
Monday: Walk 20 mins, Run 15 mins. – Jumped to Week 4! CHEATED!

Am I hurting myself for being impatient and stubborn? Perhaps. Am I happy about running again (albeit at a much slower pace) without feeling any pain and finally breaking a sweat after over a month of extreme bloatedness? Definitely. You couldn’t wipe the smile of my face over the weekend. Sure I missed the Pasig Marathon, but I was reunited with my beloved running so nothing could pull me down.

In fact, I was so elated with the my little triumphs last week that I completely abandoned the gym, yogilates, and the drills my therapist taught me. I know I should be doing all of these to prevent the injuries from recurring, but I guess I was just too excited to hop on the treadmill once again. See, I told you I was bad and I wasn’t exaggerating!

For now, I expect to continue with Week 4 (even when I should technically be on Week 2) and incorporate weights, drills, and swimming back in the sched. While you may be screaming “The woman has no shame nor remorse!”, I am turning a deaf ear and praying that I am doing what I feel is right for my body. Yes, I have cheated and I know I am hurting no one else but myself. And, should my injury rear its ugly head again, I have no one else to blame but my husband—er I mean, myself.

Forgive this bull-headed runner for being just too happy to run again.