Big Birthday for a “Big Fan”

Wednesday, 18 June 2008  |  Bullish Insights

It had been two weeks since Michelle contacted me requesting for—of all things—my autograph.  Don’t laugh.  This is serious stuff.  It was to be a surprise birthday gift for her boss, Gen, who she said was a big fan of this blog.  Certainly, I was flattered.  But, more than that, I was in serious doubt that this boss of hers would appreciate such a present.  What would you do with a TBR autograph?  (I had never signed anything under this name and my hubby jokingly said “Tell Michelle to just sign for you.  No one will be able to tell it’s fake since there isn’t an original signature!”

After those two weeks of arranging our meeting, Michelle and I finally met during our Happy Feet Girls’ Night Out dinner last week.  Meek and shy, Michelle approached Marga and I and handed out a birthday card for me to sign for her dearest boss.  I happily obliged—yes, complete with “The Bull Runner” underneath my real name.  Then, she left us to say she’d be right back with her boss in tow for some photos.  Okay!

What happened next was a scene straight out of the movies.  It’s stuff that only celebrities and rock stars experience—and, quite honestly, something that I don’t dream of nor hope for.

Marga and I chatted away while enjoying our buffalo wings and mozzarella sticks when a girl popped up in front of us, her hands clasped in front of her mouth in a futile attempt to muffle her tiny screams of “Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!” in between gasps for air.  Marga and I stared at each other in disbelief.  Looked back at the girl.  Glanced at each other again.  This must be Gen.  

DSC_9606 copy1

– with birthday girl, Gen –

Gen continued to shriek for several more minutes before I invited her and Michelle to sit down with us. “Breathe, Gen, breathe.  When you get to know us, you’ll realize we’re nothing to scream over.” I told her.

So, we talked with Gen and Michelle for more than an hour.  And, we learned a lot about Gen—her passion for running, her first race, her dedication to reading my posts (and the fact that she’s read through all the archives), her upcoming birthday, and more.  She openly called me her “Inspirunner,” a clever term she coined for the person who inspires her to plod on—how creative is that?!

DSC_9608 copy1

– with Gen, Marga, and Michelle –

It felt a little bit awkward to chat with someone who gushed every so often because she was such a big “fan.”  As Gen sat in disbelief over who she was talking to, I was probably as overwhelmed as she was over the fact that someone could ever react to my presence that way.  It was crazy, unbelievable, embarrassing, and awesome all at the same time.

To Gen, happy birthday again!  Thank you for allowing me to make a little difference in your life.  See you at the races.  And, oh, take care of your shins!

* Photos from Gen

Girls’ Night Out

Saturday, 14 June 2008  |  Bullish Insights

After a tiring, stressful week of rushing the kids to school, helping my daughter adjust to her first few days of nursery, beating work deadlines, dealing with new household help, and mourning the loss of yet another week’s run, I welcomed the thought of meeting Happy Feet girlfriends Marga and Banggi for a full night of chatting, eating, and pure fun last Thursday.


With these two high-spirited women, one has no time to yawn, complain or get bored. Both have the same zest for life and adventure that makes my life suddenly seem so mundane—not that it is! 

Banggi is constantly traveling the globe, meeting handsome men on plane trips (ehem), and exploring new cities and delicacies that once made locals in Hanoi yell out “You’re the rockstar!” after she “bravely” swallowed a chicken embryo (aka balot).   Marga is constantly on the go as a freelancer, entrepreneur, swimmer, biker, runner, skateboarder, yoga enthusiast, and more that one wonders how she possibly achieved and experienced this much at such a young age—she’s a full decade younger than me! Champion talaga!

Our lives are so different.  Our personalities on opposite poles.  If you had told me a year ago that I would be having dinner with these two girls, I would have answered “Oh sure…and that dinner would be followed by dessert with Bono and Lance soon after.”  But, thanks to running (and the world wide web), the three of us are no longer just running friends but real friends who run.

To all those running tomorrow—be it at Mizuno-Fuego, Men’s Health All Terrain, or DND—good luck, have fun, and stay safe!  I envy you!


Lucky Me

Tuesday, 13 May 2008  |  Bullish Insights

I haven’t posted for a while now (yes, a few days is long for me) for two reasons: 1) I attended a four-day seminar, which to an independent, multi-tasking designer/mother like me, felt like forever and left me exhausted every single day, and 2) I have fever. Argh…I feel terrible about skipping training the next few days.

I hit the sack early this evening at around 8:30 but couldn’t get an ounce of sleep with the kids jumping around in the background. By 10:30, I received a text from Ben and, despite the achy bones and slight headache, I knew I had to get up and view his blog.

You see, I was fortunate enough to be handpicked by Photographer Ben to be one among the few that he’s shot for his runner’s profile. (First was Chaia, followed by Coach Rio.)  Ben is a magician with the camera. His photographs are simply amazing. Combine that talent with a great passion for running and you get running photos that just leave you speechless (and in Coach Rio’s case left girls drooling!)

Here’s my favorite photo climbing up my not so favorite hill in Country Club Drive…


And here I am running past St. James the Great Church where hubby and I got married…
TBR_ChurchThis is me on the treadmill with the kids drawing. Ben, I love this shot!


And this is where Ben almost tumbled over as he chased me down the street..


Last but not the least, this is what Ben calls my profile shot…


To view more TBR shots (where my thighs look huge, my tummy is bulging, or my face looks kinda funny which is largely my fault, not Ben’s!) and other runners that Ben has profiled, click here to visit the Photographer on the Run. To race organizers, Ben also shoots races, such as Condura Run and Champion Run.

Thanks so much to Ben and RC for the photos!

Mizuno Infinity Run – Take 2

Wednesday, 7 May 2008  |  Race Announcements

So it’s confirmed: To make up for the mishap at the Mizuno Infinity Run last March 30, Mizuno will hold another Mizuno race on June 29, Sunday, at the same venue, Bonifacio Global City to be organized by no less than our favorite race organizer, Coach Rio.

All participants in the previous Mizuno Infinity Run will be treated to a discount in registration fee. The organizer will accept new registrants but I believe priority will be given to those who joined before.

I’m looking forward to this race for the following reasons:

  1. We will be definitely swimming in pools of water and sports drinks. They haven’t confirmed this, but after what happened last time, Mizuno will definitely make this top priority.
  2. Singlets are different for men and women (thanks in part to Rush).   The women’s singlets are racer back…niiice! (I just hope it’s not as see-through as the previous singlet!)
  3. Rewards MIGHT (read: not confirmed yet) be given to those who beat their time in the previous race. How exciting is that, eh?
  4. I can probably join the 10 or 15k by this time! Crossing my fingers!

Hope to see you all there!

Elma Muros, The Legendary Athlete

Tuesday, 6 May 2008  |  Bullish Insights


– With Elma Muros-Posadas and Annie –

Elma Muros-Posadas, according to Pinas, “went down in Southeast Asian Games history as the only track athlete who won in different events.” She won 15 gold medals, more than any other Filipino athlete, and is hailed as one of the country’s sports heroes.

I’ve spotted her many a times at the track, coaching her youthful team with the authority that comes from her years of experience, but I was always afraid to approach her—even just for a photo op. Today, I was introduced to her by Coach Rio and, although we didn’t chat long, I learned that this legendary athlete and so called “iron woman” is actually amiable and down-to-earth.

It was a busy, busy day as we all had to literally “run along” but I hope that, in the future, I get to sit down with her and ask for some secret training tips and just some magical speed dust for my feet.


– With Coach Jo-Ar, Elma M., Annie and Coach Rio –